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2015 Top Contenders 

Wrestling Coalition of the District of Columbia

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For Immediate Release

Alexandria, Virginia - The National Collegiate Open presented by X-Athletic Apparel has released the Wrestling Coalition of the District of Columbia Top Contenders.

Six athletes from each weight class have been selected as Top Contenders by using the Dual Impact Index presented by the National Collegiate Open and past National Collegiate Open results.

Due to the event drawing many athletes from around the country that have spent the season competing in regional opens, seeding is a very subjective process.  As a result, the National Collegiate Open has chosen to never seed the event.  However, Top Contenders are separated in the brackets to ensure they do not meet until the quarter-finals.

About the National Collegiate Open: 

Since 2009, the National Collegiate Open (NCO) has provided athletes around the country with the opportunity to finish the collegiate open season with a championship event.

In those six years there have been 72 NCAA Division-I wrestling programs represented at the championships.  In the past four years, NCO Athletes have claimed 219 of the NCAA Division-I National Qualifier slots and gone on to earn 34 NCAA Division-I All-American honors.

Top six finishers at the 2015 National Collegiate Open presented by X-Athletic are recognized as National Collegiate Open All-Americans and will earn awards provided by X-Athletic.  This year’s event will have video coverage provided by Flowrestling.

Tiffin Wrestling Mats is the official wrestling mat of the 2015 National Collegiate Open.


About the Wrestling Coalition of the District of Columbia:

The Wrestling Coalition of the District of Columbia (WCDC) is the state chapter governing body for USA Wrestling in D.C.

The WCDC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in DC. We are comprised of local wrestling coaches, clubs, schools, businessmen and amateur wrestling supporters with the goal of promoting the growth of amateur wrestling at the youth, high school, collegiate and post collegiate levels.

The 2015 National Collegiate Open Presented by X-Athletic Apparel Top Contenders (in alphabetical order, by weight):

  Drew Dickinson Kent State Attached
  Joshua Patrick Rutgers Unattached
  Landon LoAlbo Gardner-Webb Unattached
  Sean Russell Edinboro Unattached
  Stevan Micic Northwestern Unattached
  Will Mason Virginia Unattached
  Anthony Giraldo Rutgers Unattached
  Carter Ballinger Central Michigan Attached
  Chase Zemenak Bloomsburg Unattached
  Esteban Gomez-Rivera American Unattached
  Nathan Kraisser Campbell Unattached
  Tyler Goodwin Maryland Unattached
  Akfred Banister Maryland Unattached
  Brock Ervin Illinois Unattached
  Brock Zacherl Clarion Unattached
  Jesse Rodgers Rider Unattached
  Mike Magaldo Oklahoma State Unattached
  Nick Arujua Cornell Attached
  Beau Donahue NC State Attached
  Brandon Ashworth Wyoming Unattached
  Jake Smith West Virginia Unattacher
  Sam Melikian NC State Attached
  Solomon Chishko Virginia Tech Unattached
  Tyson Dippery Rutgers Unattached
  Brendon Colbert Bloomsburg Unattached
  Chad Pyke NC State Attached
  Connor Bass Duke Unattached
  Dustin Roemer Virgina Attached
  John Vanschenkbrill Rutgers Unattached
  Tyler Zimmer Columbia Unattached
  Austin Reese Ohio Unattached
  Chance Marsteller Oklahoma State Unattached
  Chandler Rogers Oklahoma State Unattached
  Garrett Peppleman Virginia Unattached
  Hadley Harrison Not Rostered
  Jordan Atienza Central Michigan Attached
  Colin Gironda Franklin & Marshall Unattached
  Dakota Sizemore Ohio Unattached
  David Peters-Logue Appalachian State Attached
  Jon Goetz Central Michigan Unattached
  Luke Farinaro Duke Unattached
  Randy Roden Duke Attached
  Anthony Messner Rutgers Unattached
  Brooks Morrison Virginia Tech Unattached
  CJ Brucki Central Michigan Attached
  Michael Macchiavello NC State Attached
  Taylor Jackson Rutgers Unattached
  Zack Zavatsky Virginia Tech Unattached
  Anthony Cassar Penn State Unattached
  Dustin Conti Clarion Unattached
  Kyle Conel Kent State Unattached
  Steven Suglio Kent State Attached
  Tristan Sponseller Lock Haven Unattached
  Tyler Greene Bucknell Unattached
  Andrew Campolttano Rutgers Unattached
  Dan Garwood Virginia Attached
  Dawson Peck Maryland Unattached
  Mike Kosoy NC State Attached
  Newton Smerchek Central Michigan Attached
  William Miller Edinboro Unattached


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