National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship

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2020 National Collegiate Open 

Smyrna High School - Smyrna, Delaware


125 Brenden Chaowanapibool Air Force Prep Attached
149 Zak Kohler Air Force Prep Attached
157 Jeremiah Cronk Air Force Prep Attached
165 Jacob Mendoza Air Force Prep Attached
174 Noah Blake Air Force Prep Attached
184 Cal Sund Air Force Prep Attached
285 Wyatt Hendrickson Air Force Prep Attached
149 Patrick Ryan American Unattached
149 Zach McCann American Unattached
157 Elijah Murphy American Attached
157 Cole Painter American Attached
174 Colin Shannon American Unattached
174 Conner Allshouse American Attached
174 Conner Bourne American Attached
174 Benjamin Root American Attached
125 Carson Smith Appalachian State Attached
125 Caleb Smith Appalachian State Unattached
133 Tyler Kellison Appalachian State Unattached
141 Anthony Brito Appalachian State Attached
141 Dawson Bates Appalachian State Unattached
149 Cody Bond Appalachian State Unattached
165 Brett Mordecai Appalachian State Unattached
174 Barrett Blakley Appalachian State Attached
184 Mason Fiscella Appalachian State Attached
197 Paul Carson Appalachian State Attached
285 Michael Burchell Appalachian State Attached
184 Austin Clayton Arizona State Attached
141 Luke Wymer Ashland Unattached
125 Carson Sauriol Binghamton Unattached
157 JohnRocco Kazala Binghamton Unattached
184 Cory Day Binghamton Attached
165 Luis Morales Bridgewater State Unattached
133 Chris Lanciano Bucknell Unattached
165 Joey Schiele Bucknell Unattached
125 Dilan Ajtun Cal Baptsit Attached
133 Christian Nunez Cal Baptsit Attached
141 Lerenzo DeNunez Cal Baptsit Attached
141 Adam Velesquez Cal Baptsit Attached
149 AJ Raya Cal Baptsit Attached
157 Zach Rowe Cal Baptsit Attached
174 Jacob Cooper Cal Baptsit Attached
184 Garrett Strang Cal Baptsit Attached
197 Arick Lopez Cal Baptsit Attached
285 Zach Schrader Cal Baptsit Attached
125 Paxton Rosen Campbell Unattached
125 Zurich Storm Campbell Unattached
133 Gabriel Hixenbaugh Campbell Unattached
157 Cameron Pine Campbell Unattached
157 Trevor Elfvin Clarion Unattached
165 Caleb Hetrick Clarion Attached
141 Gunnar Fuss Columbia Attached
157 David Berkovich Columbia Attached
157 Chimenum Tasie-Amadi Columbia Attached
184 Mike Baker Columbia Attached
125 David Colton Drexel Unattached
149 Connor Trowbridge Drexel Unattached
149 Jared Donahue Drexel Attached
149 Jacob Junk Drexel Unattached
157 Benjamin Salas Drexel Attached
184 Anthony Walters Drexel Attached
197 Austin Osumi Drexel Unattached
285 Joe Timm Drexel Attached
141 Sean Coakley Franklin & Marshall Attached
157 Cole Aaron Franklin & Marshall Attached
165 Eli Smith Franklin & Marshall Attached
184 Jimmy Stillerman Franklin & Marshall Attached
197 Wike Waszen Franklin & Marshall Attached
141 Shawn Nonaka George Mason Unattached
149 Kalob Jewett George Mason Unattached
157 Andrew Dickson George Mason Unattached
157 Anthony Robindson George Mason Unattached
165 Alec English George Mason Unattached
165 Loranzo Rajaonarivelo George Mason Unattached
165 Rodney Winston George Mason Unattached
285 Trevor Burns George Mason Unattached
133 Dillon Murphy Harvard Unattached
141 Mario Biancamano Hofstra Unattached
149 Steven Zgalijardic Hofstra Unattached
149 Adrian St. Germain Hofstra Unattached
165 Ross McFarland Hofstra Unattached
184 Ben Somerville Hofstra Unattached
141 Asa Garcia Indiana Unattached
174 Donnell Washington Indiana Unattached
165 Lance Wissin Jersey City University Unattached
125 Matt Maloney Lock Haven Attached
141 Tyler Dilley Lock Haven Unattached
141 Imran Heard Lock Haven Attached
149 Kollin Myers Lock Haven Unattached
149 Austin Wilson Lock Haven Attached
157 Jonathan Ross Lock Haven Unattached
174 Brinton Simington Lock Haven Unattached
184 Colin Fegley Lock Haven Unattached
285 Tim Nagosky Long Island Unattached
133 Orion Anderson Maryland Unattached
141 Danny Bertoni Maryland Unattached
149 Garrett Burnham Maryland Unattached
149 Michael North Maryland Unattached
157 Garrett Fisk Maryland Unattached
165 Jonathan Spadafora Maryland Unattached
184 Jack Parr Maryland Unattached
197 Kevin Makosy Maryland Unattached
149 Sebas Swiggum Minnesota Unattached
157 Cael Carson Minnesota Unattached
174 Scott Defex Nassau CC Unattached
133 Jacob Allen Navy Unattached
149 Morgan Fuenffinger Navy Unattached
157 Adam Davis Navy Unattached
174 Shane Finner Navy Unattached
141 Tyler Hunt Navy Prep Attached
157 Devin Woodworth Navy Prep Attached
157 Anthony Ulaszek Navy Prep Attached
165 Rudy Rodriquez Navy Prep Attached
174 Ethan Stern Navy Prep Attached
197 Anthony Burburija Navy Prep Attached
141 Alex Urquiza NC State Attached
149 Matt Grippi NC State Attached
157 Matt Fields NC State Attached
197 Chris Garrison NC State Unattached
197 Jacob Ferreira NC State Attached
197 Tyrie Houghton NC State Attached
285 Colin Lawler NC State Attached
133 Joseph Heilmann North Carolina Unattached
141 Connor Alexander North Carolina Unattached
149 Charles Barry North Carolina Unattached
149 Gino Esposito North Carolina Attached
149 Marcus Loving North Carolina Unattached
149 Mason Phillips North Carolina Unattached
157 Michael Goldfeder North Carolina Unattached
165 William MacDonald North Carolina Attached
184 Max Shaw North Carolina Unattached
184 Hunter Queen North Carolina Attached
285 Keaton Kluever North Carolina Unattached
141 Zack Zeamer Oklahoma Unattached
149 Cam Picklo Oklahoma Unattached
184 Carson Berryhill Oklahoma Unattached
285 Josh Heindselman Oklahoma Unattached
125 Anthony Molton Old Dominion Unattached
133 Michael McGee Old Dominion Unattached
133 Tyler Delaware Old Dominion Unattached
149 Yarhoski Aldiva Old Dominion Attached
149 Joseph Caprella Old Dominion Unattached
157 Jacob Curling Old Dominion Unattached
157 Tyler Hazard Old Dominion Unattached
157 Kevin Budock Old Dominion Attached
165 Cole Smith Old Dominion Unattached
165 Kellen Ekern Old Dominion Attached
174 Christos Avgeros Old Dominion Unattached
174 Jack Bond Old Dominion Unattached
174 Luke Dragac Old Dominion Attached
184 Dean Drugac Old Dominion Unattached
184 Noah Bushman Old Dominion Attached
197 River Henry Old Dominion Unattached
197 Santino Morina Old Dominion Unattached
285 William Baldwin Old Dominion Unattached
285 Jacob Bullock Old Dominion Attached
157 Jonathan Errico Penn Attached
157 Adam Kirsh Penn Attached
165 Jack Conway Penn Attached
165 Jason Montgomery Penn Attached
165 Jake Stefanowicz Penn Attached
285 Nate Hoaglund Penn Attached
125 Baylor Shunk Penn State Unattached
149 Terrell Barraclough Penn State Unattached
184 Joe Kurtz Penn State Unattached
184 Jared McGill Pitt Unattached
133 Matt Siscka Pitt-Johnstown Attached
133 Mark Schleifer Princeton Attached
133 Sean Pierson Princeton Attached
141 John Goettee Princeton Attached
149 Josh Breeding Princeton Attached
157 Jack Lang Princeton Attached
157 Jake Marsh Princeton Attached
165 Conor Melbourne Princeton Attached
165 Dale Tiongson Princeton Attached
174 Nathan Dugan Princeton Attached
174 Forest Belli Princeton Attached
184 Carlin Powell Princeton Attached
197 Mathew Cover Princeton Attached
285 Obi Ajah Princeton Attached
285 Jack DelGarbino Princeton Attached
141 Brryan Miraglia Rider Unattached
149 Alec Bobchin Rider Unattached
157 Wyatt McCarthy Rider Unattached
165 George Worthy Rider Unattached
165 Michael Wilson Rider Unattached
174 Corey Connolly Rider Unattached
174 Jerry Andaluz Rider Unattached
197 Zack Scheffler Rider Unattached
133 Shane Metzler Rutgers Unattached
133 Malcom Robinson Rutgers Attached
141 Devon Britton Rutgers Unattached
141 Andrew Gapas Rutgers Attached
157 Cody Harrison Rutgers Unattached
157 Jake Benner Rutgers Unattached
165 Robert Kanniard Rutgers Unattached
174 Anthony Olivier Rutgers Attached
141 Matthew Laurie Sacred Heart Unattached
157 Scott Jarosz Sacred Heart Unattached
165 Alex Marciniak Sacred Heart Unattached
125 Logan Ashton Stanford Unattached
149 Tanner Craig USMAPS Attached
174 Derek Yingling USMAPS Attached
133 Kainalu Estrella Utah Valley Unattached
197 Jayden Woodruff Utah Valley Attached
285 Chase Trussell Utah Valley Attached
125 Patrick McCormick Virginia Attached
133 Trey Lane Virginia Unattached
141 Nick Coy Virginia Unattached
149 Raymond Costa Virginia Unattached
149 Gray Hart Virginia Unattached
157 Patrick Evans Virginia Unattached
157 Sam Martino Virginia Attached
157 Justin Phillips Virginia Unattached
165 Nicolas Sansone Virginia Unattached
165 Kyrystian Kinsey Virginia Attached
174 Channing Connors Virginia Unattached
174 Jack Walsh Virginia Attached
184 Drew Peck Virginia Unattached
197 Ethan Weatherspoon Virginia Unattached
285 Mateusz Kudra Virginia Unattached
174 Tucker Nadeau West Virginia Attached
133 Kyle Burwick Wisconsin Unattached
141 Chase Zollmann Wyoming Unattached
125 Mark Salvatore   Not Rostered
125 Romeo McNeal   Not Rostered
125 Brandon Spellman   Not Rostered
141 Luklas Richie   Not Rostered
149 Daniel Fongaro   Not Rostered
149 Seoan Chung   Not Rostered
157 Tony Negron   Not Rostered
157 Daniel Snediker   Not Rostered
157 Benny Baker   Not Rostered
157 Anthony Asatrain   Not Rostered
165 Julian Ramirez   Not Rostered
165 Maon Reniche   Not Rostered
165 Hadley Harrison   Not Rostered
174 Caden Rogers   Not Rostered
174 Christos Foca   Not Rostered
174 Nick Incontrera   Not Rostered
174 Josh Kim   Not Rostered
184 Hunter Morse   Not Rostered
184 Brett Mower   Not Rostered
184 Max Dean   Not Rostered
184 Brian Bonino   Not Rostered
184 Mitchell Blose   Not Rostered
197 Jacob Carenas   Not Rostered



2019 National Collegiate Open 

Smyrna High School - Smyrna, Delaware



Weight Name Team Affiliation
125 Graham Shore Air Force Prep Attached
125 Cody Phippen Air Force Prep Attached
133 Colin Poynter Air Force Prep Attached
149 Dylan Martinez Air Force Prep Attached
165 Jacob Garcia Air Force Prep Attached
184 Garrett Niel Air Force Prep Attached
197 Cole Forrester Air Force Prep Attached
141 James Giaccia American Attached
141 Patrick Ryan American Attached
165 Benjamin Root American Unattached
165 Cole Painter American Unattached
165 Tim Fitzpatrick American Unattached
165 Bryce Dempsey American Attached
174 Colin Shannon American Attached
197 Abraham Correa-Medina American Attached
197 Paul Carson Appalachian State Unattached
197 Mason Fiscella Appalachian State Unattached
285 Michael Burchell Appalachian State Unattached
157 Jacori Teemer Arizona State Unattached
174 Austin Clayton Arizona State Unattached
184 Cade Belshay  Arizona State Unattached
149 PJ Ogunsanya Army Attached
157 Beau Guffey  Army Attached
157 Markus Hartman  Army Attached
165 Owen Brown  Army Attached
174 Brad Laughlin  Army Attached
197 Bennett Paulson  Army Attached
125 Ryan Chauvin Army Prep Attached
133 Andrew Wert Army Prep Attached
133 Dominic Carone Army Prep Attached
141 Michael McAteer Army Prep Attached
141 Logan Brown Army Prep Attached
157 Christian Hunt Army Prep Attached
165 Mason Smith Army Prep Attached
174 Sahm Abdulrazzaq Army Prep Attached
184 Keegan Ryan Army Prep Attached
197 Joe Miller Army Prep Attached
197 Matthew Hester Army Prep Attached
285 Paul Robinson Army Prep Attached
149 Michael Zarif Binghamton Unattached
184 Nunzio Crowley Binghamton Unattached
157 Joey Schiele Bucknell Unattached
133 Chance Rich Cal State-Bakersfield Unattached
133 Vincent Zavala California Baptist Attached
141 Adam Velasquez California Baptist Attached
149 Daxton Gordon California Baptist Attached
157 Jaron Pagaduan California Baptist Attached
157 Gabe De Haro California Baptist Unattached
165 Jacob Cooper California Baptist Attached
174 Evan Bockman California Baptist Unattached
174 Bryce Buckley California Baptist Attached
184 Garret Strang California Baptist Attached
197 Frank Wyshinksi California Baptist Attached
197 Michael Loyola California Baptist Attached
197 Arick Lopez California Baptist Attached
285 Zach Schrader California Baptist Attached
285 Brayden Ray California Baptist Unattached
125 Paxton Rosen Campbell Unattached
133 Austin Warner Campbell Unattached
149 Troy Nation Campbell Unattached
157 Zachary Barnes Campbell Unattached
157 Allen Swanson Campbell Unattached
165 Michael Ferree Campbell Unattached
174 Caleb Hopkins Campbell Unattached
174 Quentin Perez Campbell Unattached
133 Brock Whorton Clarion Unattached
141 Justin Ingram Clarion Unattached
157 Lavinsky Collins Clarion Unattached
157 Hunter Michaels Clarion Unattached
165 Jack Peura Clarion Unattached
174 Mitch Dean Clarion Attached
285 Edgar Ruano Clarion Attached
Spencer Good
Columbia Attached
Riley Jacops
Columbia Attached
Sam Webster
Columbia Attached
Joe Franzese
Columbia Attached
Mike Bulkin
Columbia Attached
Dan Conley
Columbia Attached
133 Asher Meekhof Davenport Attached
133 Chris Koetje Davenport Attached
149 Quintin Lopez Davenport Attached
149 Houston Hemingsen Davenport Attached
165 Caleb Norris Davenport Attached
174 Jackson Nevadomski Davenport Attached
197 Chris Cooper Davenport Attached
197 Jacob Holmes Davenport Attached
285 Raiden Macleod Davenport Attached
285 Joe Markham Davenport Attached
149 Michael Martinak Drexel Unattached
157 Felix Belga Drexel Unattached
157 Trevor Elfvin Drexel Attached
157 Ben Salas Drexel Unattached
174 Michael O'Malley Drexel Unattached
197 Derek Rose Drexel Unattached
285 Sean O'Malley Drexel Unattached
285 Micah Watson Drexel Unattached
149 Eric Carter Duke Unattached
149 Anthony DeMartino Duke Unattached
141 Haroldo Nesbeth Franklin & Marshall Attached
141 Mark Salvatore Franklin & Marshall Unattached
149 Sean Coakley Franklin & Marshall Attached
149 Cristiaan Dailey Franklin & Marshall Attached
149 Chase McCollum Franklin & Marshall Attached
285 Steve Mercadante Franklin & Marshall Attached
285 Parker Fox Franklin & Marshall Unattached
149 Dom Means Gannon Unattached
165 Rodrick Mosley Jr Gardner-Webb Unattached
Tucker Ribman
Harvard Attached
Robert Groves
Harvard Attached
165 Philip Conigliaro Harvard Unattached
125 Matthew Templeton Hofstra Unattached
285 Zachary Knighton-Ward Hofstra Unattached
285 Reggie Poulin Hofstra Unattached
125 Dalton Rohrbaugh Lock Haven Unattached
133 Cole Manley Lock Haven Unattached
157 Austin Wilson Lock Haven Unattached
285 Isaac Reid Lock Haven Unattached
285 Marcus N. Deren Lourdes Unattached
125 King Sandoval Maryland Unattached
125 Jarod Kosman Maryland Unattached
133 Decklan Fischer Maryland Unattached
141 Quinn Devaney Maryland Attached
141 Anthony Sountis Maryland Unattached
149 Pete Tedesco Maryland Attached
149 Hunter Baxter Maryland Attached
149 Garrett Burnham Maryland Attached
149 Tahron Sheffield Maryland Unattached
157 Lucas Cordio Maryland Unattached
157 Jahi Jones Maryland Attached
157 Chase DeMaille Maryland Attached
285 Parker Robinson Maryland Unattached
149 Sam Emburgia Middlesex Community Unattached
285 Caleb Warner Millersville Unattached
149 Brayton Lee Minnesota Unattached
197 Garrett Joles Minnesota Unattached
174 Gary Eakin Navy Attached
184 Connor Doyle Navy Unattached
184 Shane Finney Navy Unattached
125 Tommy Cox NC State Unattached
125 Jakob Camacho NC State Unattached
125 Charlie Lenox NC State Attached
125 Zurich Storm NC State Attached
133 Jarrett Trombley NC State Unattached
141 Alex Urquiza NC State Unattached
141 Matt Fields NC State Unattached
141 Jarred Papcsy NC State Unattached
149 Matt Grippi NC State Unattached
149 Josiah Rider NC State Unattached
149 AJ Leitten NC State Attached
165 Alex Faison NC State Unattached
174 Jake Cook NC State Unattached
174 Lance Andriani NC State Unattached
184 Trent Hidlay NC State Unattached
285 Tyrie Houghton NC State Attached
285 Colin Lawler NC State Attached
285 Deonte Wilson NC State Attached
125 Zeke Moisey Nebraska Attached
133 Tucker Sjomeling Nebraska Attached
133 Jevon Parrish Nebraska Attached
125 Joey Melendez North Carolina Unattached
141 Nick Lirette North Carolina Unattached
149 Gino Esposito North Carolina Attached
157 Michael Goldfeder North Carolina Unattached
165 Will MacDonald North Carolina Attached
165 Joey Mazzara North Carolina Unattached
174 Grant Jefferson North Carolina Attached
174 Clay Lautt North Carolina unattached
184 Lance Armenta North Carolina Attached
197 Chasen Blair North Carolina Attached
197 Mark Chaid North Carolina Unattached
285 Keaton Kluever North Carolina Unattached
141 Zack Zeamer Oklahoma Unattached
157 Cole Smith Old Dominion Unattached
197 William Baldwin Old Dominion Unattached
Josh Swanson
Penn Attached
Neil Antrassian
Penn Attached
Blair Orr
Penn Attached
Jeremy Ridge
Penn Unattached
Willy Kaiser
Penn Attached
Carl Antrassian
Penn Attached
Tony Patsy
Penn Unattached
Brian Krasowski
Penn Attached
Ryan Farber
Penn Unattached
125 Jonathan Consorti Penn State Unattached
157 Brian Friery Penn State Unattached
149 Nathan Smith Pitt-Johnstown Unattached
141 Josh Breeding Princeton Attached
141 John Goette Princeton Attached
165 Jake Marsh Princeton Attached
165 Conor Melbourne Princeton Attached
174 Forest Beli Princeton Attached
125 Sean Foley Rider Unattached
125 Connor Mullarkey Rider Unattached
125 Chase Mullarkey Rider Unattached
125 Richie Koehler Rider Unattached
133 Christopher Wright Rider Unattached
133 Charlie Peterson Rider Unattached
133 Herb Edwards Rider Attached
141 Robert Cleary Rider Unattached
141 Sam Mandelbraut Rider Unattached
149 Jovanni Gomez Rider Attached
157 Quentin Milliken Rider Unattached
157 Joe Casey Rider Unattached
174 George Walton Rider Attached
184 Bryan Martin Rider Unattached
197 Austin Scher Rider Unattached
285 Sam Palumbo Rider Unattached
285 James Brady Rider Attached
133 Malcolm Robinson  Rutgers Unattached
157 Mike Vanbrill Rutgers Unattached
157 Jake Benner Rutgers Unattached
184 Billy Janzer  Rutgers Unattached
197 Kyle Lightner  Rutgers Unattached
125 Kyle Randall Sacred Heart Unattached
141 Real Woods Stanford Unattached
157 Tyler Eischens Stanford Unattached
165 Shane Griffith  Stanford Unattached
125 Matt Cardello USNAPS Attached
133 Anthony Sciotto USNAPS Attached
141 Noah Caskey USNAPS Attached
149 Paul Crane USNAPS Attached
149 River Curtis USNAPS Attached
149 Caden Mareno USNAPS Attached
197 Jacob Koser USNAPS Attached
125 Benyamin Kamali Virginia Unattached
133 Patrick McCormick Virginia Unattached
133 Sam Book Virginia Attached
141 Grey Hart Virginia Attached
141 Scotty Kiyono Virginia Attached
149 Denton Spencer Virginia Unattached
149 Alexander Cruz Virginia Unattached
149 Sam Martino Virginia Attached
157 Justin McCoy Virginia Unattached
165 Krystian Kinsey Virginia Unattached
174 Drew Peck Virginia Attached
184 Michael Battista Virginia Unattached
184 Victor Marcelli Virginia Unattached
285 Antonio Cutrie Virginia Unattached
285 Robert Scherer Virginia Attached
141 Caleb Rea West Virginia Unattached
157 Seth Hogue West Virginia Unattached
165 Tucker Nadeau West Virginia Unattached
141 Brandon Tenney Wheeling Jesuit unattached
141 Chase Zollmann Wyoming Unattached
133 Rashad Stratton   Not Rostered
141 Ryan Moore   Not Rostered
149 Gerard Angelo   Not Rostered
149 AJ Jaffe   Not Rostered
157 Micah Hoffman   Not Rostered
165 Bryan Cosgrove   Not Rostered
165 Andrew Merola   Not Rostered
165 Nathan Thacker   Not Rostered
165 Samuel Cokeley   Not Rostered
165 Hadley Harrison   Not Rostered
174 Thomas Poklikuha   Not Rostered
184 Edwin Morales   Not Rostered
184 Jonathan Lowe   Not Rostered
285 Vincenzo Pelusi   Not Rostered







2018 National Collegiate Open 

Dover High School - Dover, Delaware

Final Athlete List (Pending)

Athlete School Weight Affiliation
Sid Flores Air Force Prep 125 Attached
Ryan Hetrcik Army West Point 125 Attached
Mike Macklin Bucknell 125 Attached
Alex Salas Drexel 125 Unattached
Mike Simonetti  Franklin & Marshall 125 Attached
Zurich Storm NC State 125 Unattached
Charles lenox NC State 125 Unattached
Tommy Cox NC State 125 Attached
Zach Atencio Oklahoma 125 Unattached
Killian Cardinale Old Dominion 125 Unattached
John Goettee Princeton 125 Attached
Jonathan Tropea Rider 125 Attached
Shane Metzler Rutgers 125 Unattached
Luke Ecklof Rutgers 125 Unattached
Nick DeNora Rutgers 125 Unattached
Colton Cummings USMAPS 125 Attached
Joey Thomas West Virginia 125 Unattached
Dominic LaJoie   125 Not Rostered
Tyshawn White   125 Not Rostered
Garrett Clifford American 133 Attached
Cody Moosman Cleveland State 133 Unattached
Cody Orcutt Davenport 133 Attached
Jacob Luterman Maryland 133 Unattached
John Devine NC State 133 Unattached
Kellen Devlin NC State 133 Attached
Jamel Morris NC State 133 Attached
Kristofer Hudson Oklahoma 133 Unattached
Trevon Majette Old Dominion 133 Unattached
Steve Simpson Old Dominion 133 Attached
Patrick Higgins Penn State 133 Unattached
Matt Siszka Pitt-Johnstown 133 Unattached
Noah Ajram Princeton 133 Attached
Mark Schleifer Princeton 133 Attached
Jake Adkins Princeton 133 Attached
Chase Piperato Princeton 133 Attached
Herb Edwards Rider 133 Unattached
Zach FIrestone Rutgers 133 Unattached
Kyle DiNapoli Rutgers 133 Unattached
Kyle Johnsen Suffolk 133 Unattached
Tristin DiVencenzo UPenn 133 Attached
PJ Ogunsanya USMAPS 133 Attached
Tyler Wetzel USMAPS 133 Attached
Jarod Maynes Utah Valley 133 Unattached
Samuel Book Virginia 133 Attached
Pierre Sims Jr.   133 Not Rostered
Vito Arujau   133 Not Rostered
Jack Mutchnik American 141 Attached
Colin Hogan American 141 Unattached
James Giaccia American 141 Unattached
Taylor Brown Army West Point 141 Attached
Chandler Minnard Ashland 141 Unattached
Zack Trampe Binghamton 141 Unattached
Matthew swanson Binghamton 141 Unattached
Matt Kolonia Bucknell 141 Attached
Aidan Murphy Chattanooga 141 Unattached
Jake Riegel Clarion 141 Unattached
Jalin Hankerson Clarion 141 Unattached
Jordan Ringler Davenport 141 Attached
Andy Hansen Davenport 141 Attached
Quintin Lopez Davenport 141 Attached
Austin Falbe Davenport 141 Attached
Haroldo Nesbeth Franklin & Marshall 141 Attached
Dante Immediato Kuztown 141 Unattached
Brent Jones Minnesota 141 Unattached
Kyle Trybus Navy 141 Unattached
Gino Esposito North Carolina 141 Unattached
Jaime Hernandez North Carolina 141 Unattached
Brandon Ramos Old Dominion 141 Unattached
Jordan Reich Princeton 141 Attached
Travis Layton Rider 141 Unattached
Peter Lipari Rutgers 141 Attached
Robert Cleary Rutgers 141 Unattached
Tom DiGiovanni UPenn 141 Unattached
Corey Shie USMAPS 141 Attached
Brian Courtney Virginia 141 Unattached
Brady Biller VMI 141 Unattached
Aaron Mylan   141 Not Rostered
Michael Venosa   141 Not Rostered
Michael Doukas   141 Not Rostered
Brandon Konecny Air Force Prep 149 Attached
Elijah Murphy American 149 Attached
Matt Conte American 149 Attached
Dakota Roark American 149 Unattached
Gavin Garcia Ashland 149 Unattached
Parker Kropman Binghamton 149 Unattached
Dane Heberlein Binghamton 149 Unattached
Joey Gould Bucknell 149 Attached
Mason Wallace Chattanooga 149 Unattached
Grant Turnmire Cleveland State 149 Attached
Hunter Richard Cornell 149 Attached
Cole Menck Davenport 149 Attached
Tyler Brewer Davenport 149 Attached
Vincent Foggia Drexel 149 Attached
Max Livingston Drexel 149 Unattached
Eric Carter Duke 149 Unattached
Chris Martorello Franklin & Marshall 149 Attached
Sam Butler Franklin & Marshall 149 Attached
Paddy Quinlan Franklin & Marshall 149 Unattached
James Spadafora Maryland 149 Unattached
Garrett Burnham Maryland 149 Unattached
Hunter Baxter Maryland 149 Unattached
James Spadafora Maryland 149 Unattached
Nezzar Dimes Middlesex 149 Unattached
Jakob Bergeland Minnesota 149 Unattached
Tyler Waterson Minnesota 149 Unattached
AJ Leitten NC State 149 Unattached
Jamal Morris NC State 149 Attached
Kevin Budock Old Dominion 149 Unattached
Will Kaldes Pitt 149 Unattached
Dominic Means Pitt-Johnstown 149 Unattached
Mark McCormick Rider 149 Unattached
Evan Fidelibus Rider 149 Unattached
Jesse Rodgers Rider 149 Attached
Gino Fluri Rider 149 Attached
Nicholas Santos Rutgers 149 Unattached
Anthony Patsy UPenn 149 Unattached
Patrick Munn UPenn 149 Attached
Jake Keating Virginia 149 Attached
Darren Ostrander VMI 149 Unattached
Zeth Dean   149 Not Rostered
Vincent Dolce Air Force Prep 157 Attached
Matt Zovistoski Appalachian State 157 Unattached
Beau Guffey Army West Point 157 Attached
Jimmy Saylor  Army West Point 157 Attached
Ryan Resnick Chattanooga 157 Unattached
Mitch Dean Clarion 157 Unattached
Chase Archangelo Cleveland State 157 Unattached
Felix Belga Drexel 157 Unattached
Jason Strange Franklin & Marshall 157 Unattached
Chase De Maille Maryland 157 Unattached
Alex Crowe Minnesota 157 Unattached
Sam Melikian NC State 157 Attached
Nick Colloca NYU 157 Unattached
Jacob Curling Old Dominion 157 Unattached
Brian Friery Penn State 157 Unattached
Lenny Merkin Princeton 157 Attached
John Pipa Princeton 157 Attached
William Povalac Rutgers 157 Not Rostered
Jon Errico UPenn 157 Attached
Evan DeLuise UPenn 157 Attached
Jon Walden USMAPS 157 Attached
Will Lawrence VMI 157 Attached
Dominick Esposito   157 Not Rostered
Jakob Brindley   157 Not Rostered
Tanner Cook   157 Not Rostered
Colin Shannon American 165 Attached
Turner Gray American 165 Unattached
Cael McCormick Army West Point 165 Attached
Aidan Monteverdi Binghamton 165 Unattached
joey Schiele Bucknell 165 Attached
Drew Nicholson Chattanooga 165 Unattached
Jonah Barley Cornell 165 Attached
Brandon Dyke Davenport 165 Attached
Caleb Norris Davenport 165 Attached
Philip Spadafora Maryland 165 Unattached
Philip Spadafora Maryland 165 Unattached
Dillon Taylor Navy 165 Unattached
Jonathan Carrera Navy 165 Unattached
Thomas Bullard NC State 165 Unattached
Ethan Hoffman North Carolina 165 Unattached
Luke Drugac Old Dominion 165 Attached
Shane Jones Old Dominion 165 Attached
Brendan O'Hara Princeton 165 Attached
Conor Melbourne Princeton 165 Attached
Dale Tiongson Princeton 165 Attached
Jesse dellavecchia Rider 165 Unattached
Brett Donner Rutgers 165 Unattached
AJ Geers UPenn 165 Attached
Clayton Porcaro USMAPS 165 Attached
Owen Brown USMAPS 165 Attached
Cameron Coy Virginia 165 Unattached
Neal Richards VMI 165 Unattached
william carvey VMI 165 Unattached
Hayden Hastings Wyoming 165 Unattached
Samuel Cokeley   165 Not Rostered
John Stawinski   165 Not Rostered
Hadley Harrison   165 Not Rostered
Jaron Chavez   165 Not Rostered
Jed Smith Army West Point 174 Attached
Nunzio Crowley Binghamton 174 Unattached
Frank Guida Bucknell 174 Attached
Jarek Gozdieski Bucknell 174 Attached
Hunter Forjtner Chattanooga 174 Attached
Devon pingel Cleveland State 174 Unattached
Jake Henderson Cleveland State 174 Unattached
Caleb Stockmaster Cleveland State 174 Attached
Colton Carroll Cleveland State 174 Attached
Chris Cooper Davenport 174 Attached
Sam Greco Davenport 174 Attached
Bryan McLaughlin Drexel 174 Unattached
Jimmy Stillerman Franklin & Marshall 174 Attached
Evan Schenk Gardner-Webb 174 Unattached
Kyle Jasenski Maryland 174 Unattached
Bailee O'Reilly Minnesota 174 Unattached
Devin Kane North Carolina 174 Unattached
Hunter Queen North Carolina 174 Unattached
Anthony Mantanona Oklahoma 174 Unattached
Dean Drugac Old Dominion 174 Attached
Carlin Powell Princeton 174 Attached
Ryan Farber UPenn 174 Unattached
Brian Krasowski UPenn 174 Attached
Casey Cornett USMAPS 174 Attached
Brad Laughlin USMAPS 174 Attached
Bo Branham VMI 174 Unattached
Andrew Berreyesa   174 Not Rostered
Austin Clayton Arizona State 184 Unattached
Lou DePrez Binghamton 184 Unattached
Ryan DeLoach Campbell 184 Unattached
Jacob Adams Cleveland State 184 Unattached
Chris Morrow Cleveland State 184 Attached
Kyle Nixon Davenport 184 Attached
Reid Robilotto Franklin & Marshall 184 Attached
Anthony Mancini  Franklin & Marshall 184 Unattached
Rod Davis NC State 184 Attached
Nick Mosco North Carolina 184 Unattached
George Walton III Old Dominion 184 Unattached
Nino Bonaccorsi Pitt 184 Unattached
Kendall Elfstrum Princeton 184 Attached
Matt Mckenzie Rider 184 Unattached
Paul O'Neill Rider 184 Unattached
willie scott Rutgers 184 Unattached
Jalen Laughlin UPenn 184 Attached
Jack Miller Virginia 184 Unattached
Jack Walsh Virginia 184 Attached
Michael Battista Virginia 184 Attached
Bennett Pauslon Army West Point 197 Attached
Jeremiah Imonode Army West Point 197 Attached
Joseph Doyle Binghamton 197 Unattached
Derek Rose Drexel 197 Unattached
Tyler Johnson NC State 197 Attached
Jake Woodley Oklahoma 197 Unattached
John D'Agostino Old Dominion 197 Attached
Noah Bushman Old Dominion 197 Attached
Charlie Cohen Princeton 197 Attached
Connor Agostino Rider 197 Unattached
Nathaniel Holloway USMAPS 197 Attached
Jack Brown USMAPS 197 Attached
Bryan Cosgrove   197 Not Rostered
Michael gallagher   197 Not Rostered
Mark Chaid   197 Not Rostered
Kayne Hutchison Air Force Prep 285 Attached
Niko Camacho American 285 Unattached
Brady Daniel Arizona State 285 Unattached
Jacob Peru Binghamton 285 Unattached
Laith Alsous Campbell 285 Unattached
Marquis Cobbs Campbell 285 Unattached
Weston DeHaven Davenport 285 Attached
Parker Fox Franklin & Marshall 285 Attached
Malik McDonald NC State 285 Attached
Obi Ajah Princeton 285 Attached
Mike Markulec Princeton 285 Attached
Samuel Palumbo Rider 285 Unattached
Ryan Cloud Rider 285 Attached
Alex Esposito Rutgers 285 Unattached
Matt Correnti Rutgers 285 Unattached
Ralph Normandia Rutgers 285 Unattached
Dylan D'Amore Rutgers 285 Unattached
Ben Sullivan USMAPS 285 Attached
Eric Keosseian USMAPS 285 Attached
Ben Andrew Utah Valley 285 Unattached
Quinton Miller Virginia 285 Unattached
Brian Kennerly Virginia 285 Attached
Robert Scherer Virginia 285 Attached
Sam Bouis VMI 285 Unattached
Seth Janney   285 Not Rostered
Brendan Furman   285 Not Rostered
Evan Canady   285 Not Rostered




2017 National Collegiate Open Presented by X-Athletic - Registered Athletes

Dover High School - Dover, Delaware

 The event is SOLD OUT. Any athlete failing to weigh-in at the weight listed will be unable to compete.  





125   Alex Vargas Maryland Attached
125   Ben Doll Penn College Attached
125   Brandon Cray Maryland Unattached
125   Brandon Loperfido Lock Haven Unattached
125   Brendan Howard Clarion Unattached
125   Cam Butler Clarion Attached
125   Charles Lenox NC State Attached
125   Gage Curry American Unattached
125   Hunter Lucas Maryland Unattached
125   James Sass Limestone Unattached
125   Jason Javier Binghamton Unattached
125   Jeremy Puente   Not Rostered
125   Johnny Stramiello   Not Rostered
125   Jonathan Tropea Rider Unattached
125   Logan Durham Appalachian State Attached
125   Matteo Devincenzo Princeton Attached
125   Ryan Hetrick USMAPS Attached
125   Tommy Cox NC State Attached
125   Trevor Mello George Mason Unattached
133   Angelo Barberio American Attached
133   Brett Kulp Franklin & Marshall Unattached
133   Bryan Damon Hofstra Unattached
133   Connor Wallace Old Dominion Unattached
133   Dino Cancellieri Centenary Unattached
133   Garrett Clifford American Unattached
133   Garrett Lambert Hofstra Unattached
133   Jake Adkins Princeton Attached
133   James Giaccia American Attached
133   Jaquan Loney Old Dominion Attached
133   Josh Patrick Rutgers Attached
133   Kevin Kelly Binghamton Unattached
133   Lane Peters USMAPS Attached
133   Montorie Bridges Wyoming Unattached
133   Nick Mayer   Not Rostered
133   Parker Walton Duke Unattached
133   Sean McCabe Rutgers Attached
133   Tariq Wilson NC State Unattached
133   Taylor LaMont Utah Valley Unattached
133   Zack Barker Campbell Unattached
141   AC Headlee North Carolina Unattached
141   Anthony Wesley Iowa State Unattached
141   Charles Kane Hofstra Unattached
141   Chris Martorello Franklin & Marshall Attached
141   Christian Beach Appalachian State Unattached
141   CJ Labate   Not Rostered
141   Conner Noonan Oregon State Unattached
141   Evan Myers Clarion Attached
141   Jake Nicholson Binghamton Unattached
141   Jake Romano Limestone Attached
141   Jamel Morris NC State Unattached
141   Jhared Simmons Maryland Attached
141   Joe Calderone LIU Post Unattached
141   Joe Sliwoski Clarion Unattached
141   Jordan Reich Princeton Attached
141   Kellen Devlin NC State Unattached
141   Kenan Carter Old Dominion Attached
141   Kizhan Clarke American Unattached
141   Mark McCormick Rider Unattached
141   Matt Dowler Edinboro Unattached
141   Michael DeClario Maryland Unattached
141   Nick Lee   Not Rostered
141   Noah Burkhart Pitt-Johnstown Attached
141   Noah Hanau Army West Point Attached
141   Peter Tedesco Maryland Unattached
141   Robbie Rizzolino NC State Attached
141   Tyler Moon   Not Rostered
141   Vincent Foggia Drexel Attached
141   Will Clark NC State Unattached
141   Zach Fitzsimmons Penn College Attached
149   Adam Whitesell Maryland Attached
149   Anthony Giraldo Rutgers Attached
149   Anthony Palmrotto   Not Rostered
149   Ashby Diaz Clarion Attached
149   Beau Donahue NC State Attached
149   Brandon Leynaud Duke Unattached
149   Chris Yankowich Virginia Attached
149   Christopher Matzke Edinboro Unattached
149   Cole Aaron Franklin & Marshall Unattached
149   Collin Glorioso Lock Haven Unattached
149   Dante Veltri North Carolina Unattached
149   Elijah Murphy American Unattached
149   Felix Belga Drexel Unattached
149   Grant Snyder Limestone Attached
149   Jacob Montes American Unattached
149   Joe Swank Penn College Attached
149   Josh Mcclure North Carolina Unattached
149   Justin Smith Pitt-Johnstown Unattached
149   Justin Yorkdale American Attached
149   Kennedy Monday North Carolina Unattached
149   Kurtis Aimable Limestone Attached
149   Kyler Rea West Virginia Unattached
149   Logan Wilson West Virginia Unattached
149   Matthew Conte American Unattached
149   Mike Vanbrill Rutgers Unattached
149   Miller Clark Appalachian State Attached
149   Nick Maher Franklin & Marshall Attached
149   Nick Noel Army West Point Attached
149   Ryan Yorkdale American Attached
149   Sam Martino Virginia Unattached
149   Sawyer Davidson North Carolina Unattached
149   Steve Garza   Not Rostered
149   Tanner Stephens Old Dominion Attached
149   Taylor Ortz Clarion Unattached
149   Will Lucie USMAPS Attached
157   Adam Santoro   Not Rostered
157   Andrew Arakelian   Not Rostered
157   Angel Najar Appalachian State Attached
157   Anthony Wokasch American Unattached
157   Beau Guffey USMAPS Attached
157   Carl Guess Appalachian State Unattached
157   Chris Mauriello Old Dominion Unattached
157   Dylan Palacio Cornell Attached
157   Gary Dinmore Rider Unattached
157   Jahi Jones Maryland Attached
157   James Saylor USMAPS Attached
157   Laken Cook Appalachian State Attached
157   Luke Weiland Army West Point Attached
157   Michael Monica Duke Unattached
157   Nick Wildmann Drexel Unattached
157   Nigel Ruiz Army West Point Attached
157   Ricky Stamm Hofstra Unattached
157   Shane Jones Old Dominion Attached
157   Wade Hodges Maryland Unattached
157   Will Verallis Old Dominion Unattached
157   Zachary Moore West Virginia Unattached
165   Abner Romero Old Dominion Unattached
165   Anthony Olivieri Hofstra Unattached
165   Blake Sutherland Old Dominion Unattached
165   Brendan Burnham Maryland Unattached
165   Brett Donner Rutgers Unattached
165   Cael McCormick Army West Point Attached
165   Cameron Shields Drexel Unattached
165   Chad Pyke NC State Attached
165   Daquon Wilson Limestone Attached
165   Devin Austin Pitt-Johnstown Unattached
165   Dylan Schwartz Binghamton Unattached
165   Elliot Raiford Appalachian State Attached
165   Garrett Griffith Maryland Attached
165   Garrett Neff Duke Unattached
165   Hayden Hidlay NC State Unattached
165   Jack Peura Clarion Attached
165   Jacob Pugh   Not Rostered
165   Koltyn Eason Edinboro Unattached
165   Luke Drugac Old Dominion Unattached
165   Matthew Gancayco Princeton Attached
165   Mike Berkowitz Franklin & Marshall Attached
165   Mike Comunale Drexel Attached
165   Nick Carey American Attached
165   Nick Carr   Not Rostered
165   Paul Zacherl Clarion Unattached
165   Ryan Lopez West Virginia Unattached
165   Tanner Leid Penn College Attached
165   Taylor Mulkins USMAPS Attached
165   Thomas Filtz Appalachian State Unattached
165   Thomas Singley North Carolina Unattached
165   William MacDonald North Carolina Unattached
174   Carlin Powell Princeton Attached
174   Christian Dietrich Pittsburgh Unattached
174   Christian Martin Navy Unattached
174   Christian Price Ashland Unattached
174   Daniel Bullard NC State Unattached
174   Dean Drugac Old Dominion Unattached
174   Ethan Okunas Clarion Unattached
174   Graham Ratermann Army West Point Attached
174   Joseph Monaghan Navy Unattached
174   Kaleb Fetahi Old Dominion Attached
174   Kyle Inlander Bucknell Unattached
174   Niko Cappello Maryland Unattached
174   Noah Stewart Army West Point Attached
174   Nunzio Crowley Binghamton Unattached
174   Owen Brooks Drexel Unattached
174   Reid Robilotto Franklin & Marshall Unattached
174   Spencer Carey Navy Unattached
174   Spencer Woods Virginia Unattached
174   Terrell Forbes Old Dominion Unattached
174   Tyler Askey Virginia Attached
184   Alan Clothier Appalachian State Unattached
184   Alex Hopkins Army West Point Attached
184   Alex Melikian Binghamton Unattached
184   Andrew Hurd Penn College Attached
184   Cochise Wanzer Clarion Unattached
184   Connor Frey Old Dominion Unattached
184   Cory Damiana Hofstra Unattached
184   Daniel Kimbrell Limestone Unattached
184   Greg Bulsak Clarion Unattached
184   Gregg Harvey Pittsburgh Unattached
184   Jed Smith USMAPS Attached
184   Max Dean   Not Rostered
184   Peter Renda NC State Unattached
184   Philip Stolfi George Mason Unattached
184   Prince Hyeamang American Unattached
184   Roman Romero Duke Unattached
184   Stephen Loiseau Drexel Unattached
184   Steve Decius Limestone Attached
184   Vinny Levin   Not Rostered
197   Anthony Messner Rutgers Attached
197   Araad Sarrami Duke Unattached
197   Ben Darmstadt   Not Rostered
197   Chris Morgan Army West Point Attached
197   Devin Rolon George Mason Unattached
197   Drew Phipps Bucknell Unattached
197   Edgar Ruano Clarion Attached
197   Eli Spencer George Mason Unattached
197   Jason Martinak Pittsburgh Unattached
197   Jay Aiello Virginia Unattached
197   Jeremiah Imonode Army West Point Attached
197   Kevin Mulligan Rutgers Unattached
197   Michael Carfagno Rider Unattached
197   Nick McShea Maryland Unattached
197   Nicky Hall NC State Attached
197   Sam Palumbo Rider Unattached
197   Steven Hoadley USMAPS Attached
197   Terrell Fields Clarion Attached
197   Trey Hartsock Lock Haven Unattached
197   Tyreek Smith Limestone Attached
285   AJ Nevills   Not Rostered
285   Ali Wahab Old Dominion Unattached
285   Andrew Gunning North Carolina Unattached
285   Andrew Wade Limestone Unattached
285   Antonio Pelusi Franklin & Marshall Unattached
285   Bobby Heald USMAPS Attached
285   BryLee Shumaker Clarion Unattached
285   Cary Miller Appalachian State Attached
285   Christian Araneo Princeton Attached
285   Dylan Otis Penn College Attached
285   Jake Scanlan American Unattached
285   Michael Hughes Hofstra Unattached
285   Michael Rogers NC State Unattached
285   Mike Markulec Princeton Attached
285   Mike Smith Navy Unattached
285   Ralph Normandia Rutgers Attached
285   Trent Allen Notre Dame College Unattached
285   Zachary Schrader West Virginia Unattached




2016 National Collegiate Open Presented by X-Athletic - Registered Athletes

 The event is SOLD OUT. Any athlete failing to weigh-in at the weight listed will be unable to compete.  

Event hosted by Case Western Reserve University Wrestling at Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio. 



125 Breandan Coughlin - UMD Unattached
125 Brendan Howard - Clarion Unattached
125 CJ Campbell - West Liberty Unattached
125 Derek Gulotta - Lock Haven University Unattached
125 Drake Swarm - Iowa State  Unattached
125 Ezekiel Beatty - Pitt-Johnstown Unattached
125 Joey Barber - University of Maryland Unattached
125 Joseph Nelson - Binghamton Unattached
125 Justin Patrick - Buffalo Unattached
125 Mitch Brown - Utah Valley Unattached
125 Sean Nickell - CSU Bakersfield Unattached
125 Steven Simpson - Old Dominion Unattached
125 Tanner Shoap - Drexel Unattached
125 Travis Jones- Clarion Attached
125 Trayton Libolt - Grand Canyon Attached
133 Alex Madrigal - Old Dominion Unattached
133 Alex Rinaldi - North Carolina Unattached
133 Brandon James - Old Dominion University Unattached
133 Brendan Hasson - Drexel  Unattached
133 Carter Ballinger - Central Michigan Attached
133 Cody Karstetter - UNC Unattached
133 Conner Ziegler - Army West Point Attached
133 Eli Stickley - Wisconsin Unattached
133 George Carpenter - Penn State Attached
133 Ian Lupole - Binghamton Unattached
133 Jacob Fontanez - Army West Point Attached
133 Jaquan Loney - Old Dominion University Unattached
133 Jhared Simmons - Maryland Unattached
133 Joshua Terao - American University Unattached
133 Juaquin Olivas - Grand Canyon Attached
133 Korbin Myers - Edinboro Unattached
133 Kyle Greenwald- Clarion Attached
133 Kyle Lukowich - Kent State Unattached
133 Mike Russo - Finger Lakes  Attached
133 Nick Mayer - Finger Lakes  Attached
133 Pat Mayolo - Army West Point Attached
133 Patrick Blommel - Michigan State Unattached
133 Peter Robinson - Maryland Unattached
133 Sam Cali - Rutgers Unattached
133 Sonny Simonetti - UNC Unattached
133 Vincent Vespa - USMAPS Attached
141 AC Headlee - UNC Attached
141 Angel Velasquez - Northern Illinois Unattached
141 Anthony Mastrangelo - Seton Hill Attached
141 Anthony Wesley - Iowa State Unattached
141 Brandon Walker - University of Maryland Attached
141 Chance Driscoll - Kent State Attached
141 Christian Doyle - Army West Point Attached
141 Collin Vargo - Central Michigan Unattached
141 Connor Borton - American  Unattached
141 Connor Prince - Navy Prep Attached
141 D.J. Fehlman - Lock Haven University Unattached
141 Daniel Clark Unattached
141 Delawrence White - Old Dominion University Attached
141 Jake Smith - UNC Pembroke Unattached
141 Joe Russ  Not Rostered
141 Joshua Parrett - Ohio Unattached
141 Joshua Ridgeway - West Liberty Unattached
141 Kyle Noonan - Central Michigan Attached
141 Michael Hayes - Old Dominion Unversity Unattached
141 Michael Sprague - American University Unattached
141 Nate Hagan - Edinboro Unattached
141 Nicholas Casella - Maryland Unattached
141 Noah Hanau - USMAPS Attached
141 Peter Lipari - Rutgers Unattached
141 Ralphy Tovar - Grand Canyon Attached
141 Russell Rohlfing - CSU Bakersfield Unattached
141 Tyler Field - Lake Erie College Unattached
141 Uzo Owuama - Grand Canyon Attached
149 Alexis Martinez - Gateway Bible Institute Attached
149 Chris Schoenherr - Finger Lakes Attached
149 Dallas Evans - Seton Hill Unattached
149 Eric Friedman - University of Pennsylvania Unattached
149 Grant LaMont - Utah Valley University Unattached
149 Jack Lucie - Army West Point Attached
149 Jacob Spino - Kent State University Unattached
149 Jake Einbinder - Binghamton Unattached
149 Jake Willochell - Seton Hill Attached
149 Jensen Lorea - Edinboro Unattached
149 Joe Huber - Grand Canyon Attached
149 Joel Rosko - Clarion Unattached
149 Joey Moon - UNC Attached
149 Jordan Shinkus - Navy Prep Attached
149 Julian Korfine - Finger Lakes  Attached
149 Justin Smith - Seton Hill Attached
149 Kenan Carter - Old Dominion Unattached
149 Lincoln Mallinger - Army West Point Attached
149 Marty Marolis - Navy Prep Attached
149 Mason Smith - Central Michigan  Unattached
149 Matt Russo - Finger Lakes  Attached
149 Michael Kostandaras - Cleveland State Unattached
149 Nick Steed - Ohio  Attached
149 Ryan Diehl - University of Maryland Attached
149 Sam Butler - Franklin & Marshall College Unattached
149 Shane Jones - Old Dominion Unattached
149 Shyheim Brown - Maryland Unattached
149 Spencer Rich - USMAPS Attached
149 Steven Abayon - Grand Canyon Attached
149 Tim Rooney - Kent State Unattached
149 Troy Heilmann - UNC Unattached
149 William Povalac - Rutgers Unattached
157 Alex Klucker - Lock Haven Unattached
157 Andrew Shomers - Edinboro Unattached
157 Ben Cournyer - UNC Attached
157 Ben Heyob - Kent State Unattached
157 Blake Sutherland - Old Dominion Unattached
157 Caden McWhirter - Northern Illinois Unattached
157 Casey Sparkman - Kent State Attached
157 Chase Straw - Iowa State University Unattached
157 Collin Harrell  - Kent State Attached
157 Danny Boychuck - University of Maryland Unattached
157 Dayton Racer - Virginia Tech Unattached
157 Dewey Krueger - Wyoming Unattached
157 Hunter Hulse -maryland Unattached
157 Jack Clark - UNC Attached
157 Jade Lloyd - Gateway Bible Attached
157 Jake Trujillo - Finger Lakes  Attached
157 Jakob Restrepo - Maryland Unattached
157 Logan Parks - Central Michigan Unattached
157 Luke Weiland - USMAPS Attached
157 Nigel Ruiz - USMAPS Attached
157 Taleb Rahmani - Pittsburgh Unattached
157 Tevin Machart - Central Michigan Attached
157 Tom Williams - Ohio  Attached
165 Anderson Pope - UNC Attached
165 Bryant Halsch - UNC Unattached
165 Casey Larson - Grand Canyon Attached
165 Chris Esquivel - Gateway Bible Attached
165 Dakota Greene - Drexel Unattached
165 Demtri Probst - Lock Haven University Unattached
165 Ebed Jarrell - Drexel University Unattached
165 Elijah Kerr-Brown - UNC Unattached
165 Jared Walker - Kent State Unattached
165 Joshua Ugalde - Maryland Unattached
165 Kimball Bastian - Utah Valley University Unattached
165 Lucas Lovvorn - Wyoming Unattached
165 Matthew Hernandez - Grand Canyon University Unattached
165 Matthew Rundell - UNC Unattached
165 Nick Carey - American University Unattached
165 Tanner Miller - Ohio Unattached
165 Theodore King - F&M Unattached
165 Tim Harman - Navy Prep Attached
165 Troy Taylor - Army West Point Attached
165 Ty Schoffstall-  Edinboro Unattached
165 Zachary Spira - Drexel  Unattached
174 Adis Radoncic - UNC Unattached
174 Alex Benoit - Navy Prep Attached
174 Andrew Morgan - Cal Poly Unattached
174 Arsen Ashughyan - Ohio  Attached
174 Ben Harvey - USMAPS Attached
174 Bobby Reece - Grand Canyon Attached
174 Dontae McGee - Ohio Unattached
174 Ethan Tursini - Army West Point Attached
174 Fritz Hoehn - Edinboro Unattached
174 Graham Ratermann - Army West Point Attached
174 Hank Swalla - Iowa State Unattached
174 Hunter Rollins - Central Michigan Attached
174 Idris White - Maryland Unattached
174 Jacob Armstrong - Utah Valley University Unattached
174 Jake Kocsis - Binghamton Unattached
174 Jerald Spohn  - Kent State Attached
174 Kenny Moore - Grand Canyon Attached
174 Lance Armenta - UNC Unattached
174 Lou Maser - Seton Hill Attached
174 Luke Entzel, Iowa State Unattached
174 Luke Shaffer - Seton Hill Attached
174 Max Krieger - Iowa State  Unattached
174 Milik Dawkins - Finger Lakes  Attached
174 Roger Wildmo Jr. - Michigan State Unattached
174 Ryan Therrien - Buffalo Unattached
174 Sam Williams - USMAPS Attached
174 Shane Mast - Kent State Unattached
174 Slade Horner- Clarion Attached
174 Steven Vaughan - NAVY Unattached
174 Thomas Singley - North Carolina Club Unattached
184 Alexander Deciantis - Drexel University Unattached
184 Alexander Mina - UNC Unattached
184 Austin Gaun - Grand Canyon Attached
184 Austin Trujillo - Grand Canyon Attached
184 Caleb Stockmaster - Kent State Unattached
184 Carson Powell - Iowa State University Unattached
184 Chandler Sambets - The Citadel Unattached
184 Chris Morgan - USMAPS Attached
184 Dan Hollandsworth Not Rostered
184 David-Brian Whisler - University of Maryland Unattached
184 Edgar Ruano- Clarion Attached
184 Gavin Berkley - Army West Point Attached
184 Jack Wedholm - Army West Point Attached
184 Jesse Palser - Lake Erie Unattached
184 Keegan Harris - Buffalo  Unattached
184 Mike Smith - Navy Prep Attached
184 Nelson Martinez - Gateway Bible Institute Attached
184 Nick Shawley- Clarion Attached
184 Wesley Maskill - Michigan State Unattached
184 Xavier Cunningham - Gateway Bible Attached
197 Brett Dempsey - American University Unattached
197 Corey Hazel - Lock haven Unattached
197 Davin Woolridge - Gateway Bible Institute Attached
197 Gabe Dzuro - Ohio  Attached
197 Jacob Seely - Northern Colorado Unattached
197 Jeremiah Imonode - USMAPS Attached
197 Jimmy Szep - Central Michigan Attached
197 Kyle Kremiller - Rutgers Unattached
197 Luke Greenberg - Northern Illinois  Unattached
197 Matt Patrick - Pittsburgh Unattached
197 Nick Corba - Cleveland State Unattached
197 Reynold Maines - Clarion  Unattached
197 Scott Marmoll - UNC Attached
197 Sean Twigg - University of Maryland Attached
197 Shawn Reynolds - Edinboro Unattached
197 Tanner Orndorff - Utah Valley University Unattached
197 Ty Wildmo - Michigan Unattached
197 Tyrus Kemp - Central Michigan Attached
285 Brock Cvijanovich - Binghamton Unattached
285 Caleb Gossett - Northern Illinois Unattached
285 Danny Chaid - Grand Canyon Not Rostered
285 Devin King - Ohio Attached
285 Dylan Davis - Seton Hill Unattached
285 Evan Daley- Clarion Attached
285 Jake Grantham - Grand Canyon  Unattached
285 John Rizzo - Pittsburgh Unattached
285 Konstantin Golobokov - Michigan Unattached
285 Marc McDonald - Rutgers Unattached
285 Mitchel Thomas - UNC Attached
285 Nolan Terrance - Buffalo Unattached
285 Sean Medley - Grand Canyon Attached
285 Stephen Suglio - Kent State Attached
285 Zack Parker - Ohio Unattached



2015 National Collegiate Open Presented by X-Athletic - Registered Athletes

Sold Out. Registration has closed. Final list of registration. Any athlete failing to weigh-in at the weight listed will be unable to compete.


125 Alex Uhre Virginia Attached
125 Anthony Bosco North Carolina Unattached
125 Brendan Hasson   Not Rostered
125 Bryce Gentry George Mason Unattached
125 Dalton Macri   Not Rostered
125 Drew Dickinson Kent State Attached
125 Heath Gleaton Appalachian State Unattached
125 Josh Epperson Newberry Unattached
125 Joshua Patrick Rutgers Unattached
125 Landon LoAlbo Gardner-Webb Unattached
125 Luis Gonzalez   Not Rostered
125 Sean Fausz NC State Unattached
125 Sean Russell Edinboro Unattached
125 Stevan Micic Northwestern Unattached
125 Will Mason Virginia Attached
133 Andrew North Edinboro Unattached
133 Anthony Giraldo Rutgers Unattached
133 Anthony Mastrangelo Pitt-Johnstown Unattached
133 Anthony Rivera Edinboro Attached
133 Bailey Jack Duke Attached
133 Blake Retell Buffalo Unattached
133 Brandon Olson Virginia Tech Unattached
133 Cameron O'Connor  George Mason Unattached
133 Carter Ballinger Central Michigan Attached
133 Chase Zemenak Bloomsburg Unattached
133 Drew Walker Campbell Unattached
133 Dylan Carlile Emmanuel Unattached
133 Esteban Gomez-Rivera American Unattached
133 Jacob Grigg Appalachian State Attached
133 Jake Smith UNC-Pembroke Attached
133 Jeff Rottingen Bergen Unattached
133 Johnathan Spence Gardner-Webb Attached
133 Josh Markham Old Dominion Attached
133 Kyle Lukowich Kent State Unattached
133 Nathan Kraisser Campbell Unattached
133 Nick Ottaviano Rutgers Unattached
133 Philip Anderson Gardner-Webb Unattached
133 PT Garcia Wyoming Unattached
133 Tyler Davidson Navy Unattached
133 Tyler Goodwin Maryland Unattached
133 Tyler Walker Campbell Unattached
133 Will Koll   Not Rostered
133 Zach Valley Bucknell Unattached
141 Adam Whitesell Maryland Unattached
141 Alfred Bannister Maryland Unattached
141 Austin Harry Army Prep Attached
141 Avery Henry Edinboro Unattached
141 Benjamin Hutchins Virginia Unattached
141 Brandon Walker Maryland Unattached
141 Brayden Hartley Gardner-Webb Attached
141 Brock Ervin Illinois Unattached
141 Brock Zacherl Clarion Unattached
141 Casey Paglia American Attached
141 Chance Driscoll Kent State Attached
141 Christian Monserrat West Virginia Unattached
141 Colby Baker Bloomsburg Attached
141 Connor Lapresi   Not Rostered
141 Corey Dake Cornell Attached
141 Dane Lemmon Navy Unattached
141 Demetre Kostis Appalachian State Unattached
141 Derek Krajewski   Not Rostered
141 Eli Bienstock Cornell Attached
141 Emilio Saavedra Old Dominion Unattached
141 Jack Lucie Army Attached
141 Jack Mutchnik American Unattached
141 Jacob Trybus Maryland Unattached
141 Jalen Ramos Rutgers Unattached
141 Jason Bing Franklin & Marshall Attached
141 Jerry Ronnau Virginia Tech Attached
141 Jesse Rodgers Rider Unattached
141 Kyle Springer Eastern Michigan Unattached
141 Logan David Cornell Attached
141 Luke Stewart Campbell Unattached
141 Matt Kelly Army Attached
141 Mike Magaldo Oklahoma State Unattached
141 Nick Arujau Cornell Attached
141 Payton Shuford Appalachian State Attached
141 Ryan Dunphy Cornell Attached
141 Sammy Gross Northwestern Unattached
141 Sean Peacock Buffalo Unattached
141 Tanner Stephens Old Dominion Unattached
141 Tejon Anthony George Mason Unattached
141 Tony Tolbert Delaware County CC Not Rostered
149 Aaron Hartman Hofstra Unattached
149 Alexander Harnsberger Sacred Heart Unattached
149 Andrew Mendel Army Attached
149 Anthony Duncan Maryland Unattached
149 Beau Donahue NC State Attached
149 Brandon Ashworth Wyoming Unattached
149 Brandon Lapi Buffalo Unattached
149 Brent Waterman Virginia Tech Attached
149 Cameron Bowen Virginia Tech Unattached
149 Chandler Pyke North Carolina State Unattached
149 Chris Yankowich Virginia Unattached
149 Cody Cooms Saint Catharine Unattached
149 Collin Boylan Bucknell Unattached
149 Connor Muli Hofstra Unattached
149 Corey Jacobs Hofstra Attached
149 Dallas Roemer Gardner-Webb Attached
149 Daniel Sanchez Maryland Attached
149 Danny Reed Columbia Attached
149 Dylan Hunziker Old Dominion Unattached
149 Jake DeAngelo North Carolina State Unattached
149 Jake Ryan Ohio State Unattached
149 Jake Smith West Virginia Unattached
149 James Morris Rider Attached
149 Joby Armenta Gardner-Webb Attached
149 Joe Galasso   Not Rostered
149 Joe Ghione Lock Haven Unattached
149 Jonce Blaylock Oklahoma State Unattached
149 Jose Abbate Duke Attached
149 Josh Miller Navy Unattached
149 Justin Oliver Central Michigan Unattached
149 Kyle Bauer Kent State Attached
149 Laken Cook   Not Rostered
149 Lincoln Mallinger Army Attached
149 Luke Ludke George Mason Unattached
149 Mark Marchetti Army Attached
149 Matthe Pente Maryland Unattached
149 Mattheos Lozier Virginia Tech Unattached
149 Max Rogers Princeton Attached
149 Michael Eckhart American Unattached
149 Michael Underwood Rutgers Unattached
149 Nick Maselli Princeton Attached
149 RJ DeGeorge Maryland Attached
149 Rocco Russo Buffalo Unattached
149 Ryan Snow   Not Rostered
149 Sam Melikian NC State Attached
149 Shane Arechiga Maryland Attached
149 Solomon Chishko Virginia Tech Unattached
149 Ty Albright Lock Haven Unattached
149 Tyler Mann Oklahoma State Unattached
149 Tyson Dippery Rutgers Unattached
149 William Lewis Appalachian State Attached
149 Willie Davis Drexel Unattached
149 Zach Finesilver Duke Unattached
149 Zach Wilson Old Dominion Attached
157 Brendon Colbert Bloomsburg Unattached
157 Casey Sparkman Kent State Unattached
157 Chad Pyke NC State Attached
157 Cody Vick Newberry Unattached
157 Cole Graves Gardner-Webb Unattached
157 Connor Bass Duke Unattached
157 Daniel Richardson Campbell Unattached
157 Danny Garaham Buffalo Unattached
157 Donovan Peek Army Attached
157 Drew Hull Virginia Attached
157 Dustin Roemer Virginia Attached
157 Dylan Painton Rutgers Unattached
157 Grant Blumenthal Campbell Unattached
157 Heston Lamons Oklahoma State Unattached
157 Jake Spengler Virginia Tech Attached
157 Jeremiah Lutz Emmanuel Unattached
157 Joe Salvi American Unattached
157 John Vanschenkbrill Rutgers Unattached
157 Josh Ellis Princeton Attached
157 Justus Weaver Virginia Tech Unattached
157 Kevin Johnson Old Dominion Attached
157 Kevin Moylan Princeton Unattached
157 Kyle Simaz   Not Rostered
157 Matt Akers   Not Rostered
157 McKinnis Spadoni Old Dominion Unattached
157 MJ Roberson Virginia Unattached
157 Nathan Cheek Lock Haven Unattached
157 Patrick Gerish Maryland Unattached
157 Richard Viruet Drexel Unattached
157 Rodney Shephard NC State Attached
157 Toby Hague Maryland Unattached
157 Todd Hargis Gardner-Webb Unattached
157 Ty Millward West Virginia Unattached
157 Tyler Ponte Columbia Attached
157 Tyler Zimmer Columbia Attached
157 Wayne Stinson Rider Unattached
165 Alex Bennett Gardner-Webb Unattached
165 Alexander Kail Pittsburgh Attached
165 Austin Reese Ohio Unattached
165 Bobby Fehr Hofstra Unattached
165 Chance Marsteller Oklahoma State Unattached
165 Chandler Rogers Oklahoma State Unattached
165 Christian Maroni Gardner-Webb Attached
165 Cole Moseley American Attached
165 Dain Steffeny Appalachian State Attached
165 Derek Holcomb Buffalo Unattached
165 Derrick Evanovich Maryland Attached
165 Emery Parker Illinois Unattached
165 Garrett Peppelman Virginia Unattached
165 Greg Bacci Virginia Attached
165 Hadley Harrison   Not Rostered
165 Isaac Bast Kent State Unattached
165 Jake Henson Virginia Unattached
165 Jared Swan Old Dominion Unattached
165 John Weiss Campbell Unattached
165 Jordan Atienza Central Michigan Attached
165 Kyle Bova Lock Haven Unattached
165 Lee Davis NC State Unattached
165 Matthew Fisher Sacred Heart Unattached
165 Matthew Russo Cornell Attached
165 Michael Simmons Rutgers Unattached
165 Monte Britton Campbell Unattached
165 Paul Duggan Campbell Unattached
165 Ryan Blees Oklahoma State Unattached
165 Ryan Kromer Buffalo Unattached
165 Ryan Therrien Buffalo Unattached
165 Tom Bonaccolto   Not Rostered
165 Tony Risaliti Army Attached
165 Troy Taylor Army Attached
165 Zach Heeter West Virginia Unattached
174 Aaron Rabin Gardner-Webb Unattached
174 Albert Schultz Navy Unattached
174 Alexander Thomas George Mason Unattached
174 Andy Bennett Gardner-Webb Attached
174 Austin Harrison George Mason Unattached
174 Blaze Shade UNC-Pembroke Attached
174 Brandon Womack   Not Rostered
174 Colin Gironda Franklin & Marshall Unattached
174 Dakota Sizemore Ohio Unattached
174 David Peters-Logue Appalachian State Attached
174 Devon Van Cura Penn State Unattached
174 Dillon Artigliere   Not Rostered
174 Ethan Tursini Army Prep Attached
174 Grayson Shepperd Princeton Attached
174 Grew Garcia   Not Rostered
174 Jack Hedholm Army Attached
174 Jake Koch VMI Attached
174 Jake Weber Buffalo Unattached
174 Joe Balboni Kutztown Unattached
174 Joe Prevost Rider Unattached
174 John D'Agostino Old Dominion Unattached
174 Jon Goetz Central Michigan Unattached
174 Joseph Simpson Navy Unattached
174 Kaleab Fetahi Old Dominion Unattached
174 Luke Farinaro Duke Unattached
174 Michael Wright Duke Attached
174 Nick Carey American Attached
174 Payton Mills Gardner-Webb Unattached
174 Randy Roden Duke Attached
174 Robert Winning Navy Unattached
174 Tim Schaefer Buffalo Attached
184 Adeshola Logunleko   Not Rostered
184 Alec Schenck Duke Unattached
184 Alexander Belaia Duke Attached
184 Anthony Messner Rutgers Unattached
184 Austin Weigel Buffalo Attached
184 Brett Perry Buffalo Unattached
184 Brooks Morrison Virginia Tech Unattached
184 Charlier Keenan Kent State Attached
184 Chris Miller George Mason Unattached
184 CJ Brucki Central Michigan Attached
184 Cory Damiana Hofstra Unattached
184 Danny Hicks Illinois Unattached
184 Derek Hillman Eastern Michigan Unattached
184 Gavin Berkley Army Prep Attached
184 Hardy Hendren VMI Attached
184 Hudson Staub Navy Unattached
184 Jack Rozema Ohio State Unattached
184 James Maxwell Navy Attached
184 Marcus Johnson Appalachian State Attached
184 Mark Colabucci Maryland Attached
184 Mathew Olauson Campbell Unattached
184 Matt Doggett Columbia Attached
184 Michael Macchiavello NC State Attached
184 Philip Robilotto Maryland Unattached
184 Reggie Williams Binghamton Unattached
184 Taylor Jackson Rutgers Unattached
184 Taylor Thomas VMI Attached
184 Terry Henderson Gardner-Webb Attached
184 Troy Murtha Princeton Attached
184 Ty LaFramboise Navy Unattached
184 Tyler Patrick Duke Attached
184 WIll Sumner Utah Valley Unattached
184 Zach Bruce Pittsburgh Unattached
184 Zack Zavatsky Virginia Tech Unattached
197 Addison Knepshield Virginia Attached
197 Alen Turchinhodzic Pittsburgh Attached
197 Andrew Grella Army Prep Attached
197 Anthony Cassar Penn State Unattached
197 Austin Faunce Navy Unattached
197 Ben Cruz Campbell Unattached
197 Ben Honis   Not Rostered
197 Chance McClure Virginia Attached
197 Chris Laird Edinboro Unattached
197 Dustin Conti Clarion Unattached
197 Dusty Floyd Virginia Unattached
197 Dylan Devine Maryland Unattached
197 Garrett Wesneski Maryland Unattached
197 Jacob Taylor Cornell Attached
197 Jake Anderson   Not Rostered
197 Jake Tomlinson VMI Attached
197 Kyle Conel Kent State Unattached
197 Malik McDonald NC State Unattached
197 Matt Patrick Pittsburgh Attached
197 Maveric Rechsteiner Emmanuel Unattached
197 Nate Dow Army Attached
197 Ralph Normandia Rutgers Unattached
197 Regis Durbin Northwestern Unattached
197 Rocco Caywood Army Prep Attached
197 Rory Bonner Bucknell Unattached
197 Sam Davis Navy Unattached
197 Seth Brennock   Not Rostered
197 Spencer Neff Duke Attached
197 Stephen Suglio Kent State Attached
197 Tom Bennett American Unattached
197 Trisan Majors Gardner-Webb Unattached
197 Tristan Sponseller Lock Haven Unattached
197 Tyler Greene Bucknell Unattached
197 Tyler McLees Army Attached
197 Zach Bennett Gardner-Webb Attached
197 Zach Kelleher Old Dominion Unattached
285 Alex Foley Drexel Unattached
285 Alveno Matthews Ferrum Attached
285 Andrew Campolttano Rutgers Unattached
285 Austin Buttry Army Prep Attached
285 Brandon Taylor Virginia Tech Attached
285 Chuck Boddy Bucknell Unattached
285 Conan Jennings Northwestern Unattached
285 Connor Calkins Binghamton Unattached
285 Cory Daniel North Carolina Unattached
285 Dan Garwood Virginia Tech Attached
285 Dawson Peck Maryland Unattached
285 Devin King Ohio Unattached
285 Devin Nye Kent State Unattached
285 Eric Hess Navy Unattached
285 Gary Miltenberger George Mason Unattached
285 Jackson Price Gardner-Webb Attached
285 Jake Gunning Buffalo Unattached
285 Jake Moore Princeton Attached
285 Jeff Miller Gannon Attached
285 Jeremy Sweany   Not Rostered
285 John Rizzo Pittsburgh Attached
285 Kenny Mason Emmanuel Unattached
285 Matt Voss George Mason Unattached
285 Mike Kosoy NC State Attached
285 Newton Smerchek Central Michigan Attached
285 Nick LaShell Rutgers Unattached
285 Ryan Appleby Kutztown Unattached
285 Ryan Kail Maryland Unattached
285 Ryder Cavey Brown Unattached
285 Samuel Breese Kent State Attached
285 Sean Twigg Maryland Attached
285 Tyler Anthony   Not Rostered
285 Wesley Bernard Rutgers Unattached
285 William Miller Edinboro Unattached
285 Yousuf Malik VMI Attached




2014 National Collegiate Open Registered Athletes


125 Austin Miller Oklahoma State Unattached
125 Ben Grobman Drexel Unattached
125 Brenden Calas NC State Attached
125 Bryan Israel Bloomsburg Unattached
125 Buddy Scarborough Old Dominion Attached
125 Chase Crabtree Northern Colorado Unattached
125 Cody Karns North Carolina Unattached
125 Eli Hale Oklahoma State Unattached
125 Eric Ochoa Drexel Unattached
125 Ibrahim Bunduka George Mason Unattached
125 Jacob Reinemund North Carolina Unattached
125 Jeremy Schwartz Penn Attached
125 Joe DeAngelo NC State Unattached
125 Jonathan Edwards Indiana Unattached
125 Josh Patrick Rutgers Unattached
125 Logan Ritchie George Mason Unattached
125 Vannette Azarian Central Michigan Unattached
125 Vito Pasone Appalachian State Attached
125 Will Mason Virginia Unattached
125 Zach Fuentes Drexel Unattached
133 Geoffrey Alexander Maryland Unattached
133 Greg McCrystal Rutgers Unattached
133 Jacob Bonds Ferrum Unattached
133 Jalen Ramos Rutgers Unattached
133 Jed Mellen Utah Valley Unattached
133 Jhared Simmons Maryland Unattached
133 Kyle Krasavage Hofstra Unattached
133 Luke Schroeder Purdue Unattached
133 Marshall Brown NC State Attached
133 Matt Williams North Carolina Unattached
133 Nikolas Weiser George Mason Unattached
133 Scott DelVecchio Rutgers Unattached
133 Tyler Keselring Central Michigan Attached
133 Zachary Isenhour George Mason Unattached
141 Adam Nichols Central Michigan Unattached
141 Alex Mirante Hofstra Unattached
141 Andrew Atkinson Virginia Unattached
141 Andrew Mauriello Drexel Unattached
141 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers Unattached
141 Beau Donahue NC State Unattached
141 Caleb Yost VMI Attached
141 Casey Paglia American Unattached
141 Cody Page Purdue Unattached
141 Colby J. Baker Bloomsburg Unattached
141 Colt Cotton Bloomsburg Unattached
141 Cored Stasenko Rutgers Unattached
141 Dalton Brady Utah Valley Unattached
141 Daniel G. Sanchez Maryland Unattached
141 Dean Heil Oklahoma State Unattached
141 Dylan Realbuto Finger Lakes WC Unattached
141 Gabe LaVey NC State Unattached
141 George Weber Gardner-Webb Unattached
141 Griffin Higginbothan Finger Lakes WC Unattached
141 Jake DeAngelo NC State Unattached
141 Jake Smith Appalachian State Unattached
141 Jake Velarde Old Dominion Unattached
141 Jameson Oster Northwestern Unattached
141 Joe Moon North Carolina Attached
141 John Dutrow Drexel Unattached
141 Logan Smith Ferrum Unattached
141 Mason Popham Virginia Unattached
141 Micah Powell Alderson Broaddus Unattached
141 Nathan Galloway Shorter Unattached
141 Nichael Gowen Virginia Tech Not Rostered
141 Nick Lawrence Purdue Unattached
141 Quinton Murphy Clarion Unattached
141 Tom Page American Attached
149 AJ Murabito Penn Attached
149 BJ Clangon Rider Unattached
149 Chris Yankowich Virginia Unattached
149 Christian Pagdilao Michigan State Unattached
149 Cohl Fulk NC State Attached
149 Colin Heffernan Central Michigan Unattached
149 Hunter Hickman VMI Unattached
149 Jacob Kingett Old Dominion Attached
149 Jake Faust Duke Attached
149 Jesse Holton Maryland Unattached
149 Joey Kielbasa Central Michigan Attached
149 Josh Clark Old Dominion Attached
149 Kevin Johnson Old Dominion Unattached
149 Mark Cirello American Attached
149 Mathew Harris Alderson Broaddus Unattached
149 Matt Hammerstone Bloomsburg Unattached
149 Michael Underwood Rutgers Unattached
149 Mike Screptock Tiffin Unattached
149 Neal Molloy Indiana Unattached
149 Nick Maselli Princeton Attached
149 Pablo Moreno Arizona State Unattached
149 Ryan O'Connor Drexel Unattached
149 Sam Melikian NC State Not Rostered
149 TJ Miller Virginia Unattached
149 Tyler Hunt Rutgers Unattached
149 Tyler Kinn Northern Colorado Unattached
157 Alex Gowers George Mason Unattached
157 Austin Eads Old Dominion Unattached
157 Austin Rose Drexel Unattached
157 BJ Cozier VMI Unattached
157 Blake Roulo George Mason Unattached
157 Brandon Arnsberger Bloomsburg Unattached
157 Chad Pyke NC State Unattached
157 Chad Walsh Rider Unattached
157 Chase Delande Edinboro Unattached
157 Chris Koo Oklahoma State Unattached
157 Cory Goshkagarian Hofstra Unattached
157 Dustin Roemer Virginia Unattached
157 Jamie FitzPatrick Drexel Unattached
157 Jordan Marshall Old Dominion Unattached
157 Josh Ellis Princeton Attached
157 Joshua Farrell Purdue Unattached
157 Keilan Torres Oklahoma State Unattached
157 Lou Mascola Maryland Unattached
157 Mark Granahan Bloomsburg Unattached
157 Matt Gancayco Princeton Attached
157 Matt Russo Finger Lakes WC Unattached
157 Mik Caputo Hofstra Unattached
157 MJ Roberson Virginia Unattached
157 Robert Henderson North Carolina Attached
157 Rodney Shephard NC State Unattached
157 Seth Monty Arizona State Unattached
157 Stephen Robertson Penn Attached
157 Stoney L Helmick Jr. Alderson Broaddus Unattached
157 Terrence Demery III West Virginia Unattached
157 Ty Schoffstall Edinboro Unattached
157 William Hahn Duke Unattached
157 Zach Hetter West Virginia Unattached
157 Zach Wilson Old Dominion Unattached
165 Alexander Dahl Army Attached
165 Andrew DeHart Duke Attached
165 Anthony Prendimano West Virginia Unattached
Arashdeep Gill
Maryland Unattached
165 Brad Mutchnik American Attached
165 Brian Dorsey Duke Attached
165 Brian Ohl Alderson Broaddus Unattached
165 Connor Moynihan Central Michigan Unattached
165 Dillon Geoghegan Old Dominion Attached
165 Garrett Hammond Penn State Unattached
165 Greg Bacci Virginia Unattached
165 Hadley Julius Harrison George Mason Not Rostered
165 Johnathan Poston Drexel Unattached
165 Kaleb Hammersley VMI Unattached
165 Michael Dylan NC State Attached
165 Michael Simmons Rutgers Unattached
165 Michael Wright Duke Attached
165 Mike Amorando NC State Unattached
165 Nick Elmer Drexel Unattached
165 Quinton Hiles Penn Attached
174 Adeshola Logunleko NYAC Not Rostered
174 Anthony Pafumi Rutgers Unattached
174 Austin Coburn Old Dominion Attached
174 CJ Brucki Central Michigan Unattached
174 Dan McDervitt Penn Attached
174 David Fenton Rider Unattached
174 Dominic Rigous Clarion Unattached
174 Elliott Antler West Virginia Unattached
174 Ethan Orr Rutgers Unattached
174 Grayson Sheppherd Princeton Attached
174 Hunter Gamble Gardner-Webb Unattached
174 Jacob Marrissey Purdue Unattached
174 Jerald Spohn Kent State Unattached
174 Jordan Ellingwood Central Michigan Unattached
174 Jordan Wohlfert Michigan State Unattached
174 Mitchel Thomas North Carolina Unattached
174 Nick Kee Appalachian State Unattached
174 Randy Roden Duke Attached
174 Samson Imonode Army Attached
174 Taylor Jackson Rutgers Unattached
174 Ty Walter Finger Lakes WC Unattached
184 Anthony Messner Rutgers Unattached
184 Austin Severn Central Michigan Attached
184 Billy Coggins Virginia Unattached
184 Brandon Phillips Penn State Not Rostered
184 Dominic Fimbianti Indiana Unattached
184 Dylan Ryan Duke Attached
184 Forrest Przybysz Appalachian State Unattached
184 Isaiah Baker West Liberty Unattached
184 Jake Cramer Tiffin Unattached
184 Jake Taylor Finger Lakes WC Unattached
184 Lee Davis NC State Unattached
184 Matt McCutcheon Penn State Unattached
184 Mitch Sliga Northwestern Unattached
184 Shayne Brady NC State Attached
184 Trent Noon Northern Colorado Unattached
184 Tyler Patrick Duke Unattached
197 Addison Knepshield Virginia Unattached
197 Alen Turchinhodzic Pittsburgh Unattached
197 Billy Cook NC State Attached
197 Brandon Bradney Mercyhurst NE Unattached
197 Brandon Litten Drexel Unattached
197 Collin Johnson Appalachian State Unattached
197 Garrett Conner Rutgers Unattached
197 Jacob Hart Edinboro Unattached
197 Kacee Hutchinson Appalachian State Attached
197 Michael Mirra Bloomsburg Attached
197 Padric Lynch Rutgers Unattached
197 Shaun Heist Bloomsburg Unattached
197 Stephen Suglio Kent State Unattached
197 Tasi Matthias VMI Attached
197 Tyler McLees Army Attached
197 Urayoan Garcia VMI Unattached
285 Andrew Geers Purdue Unattached
285 Anthoney Verhovec West Liberty Unattached
285 Anthony DiLonardo Penn Attached
285 Cole Lampman Princeton Attached
285 Dennis Aityeh Finger Lakes WC Unattached
285 Garrett Gray Tiffin Attached
285 Jake Moore Princeton Attached
285 Jeff Miller Gannon Unattached
285 Jimmy Szep Central Michigan Unattached
285 Lucas Ryan Old Dominion Attached
285 Luis Beteta Maryland Unattached
285 Mauro Correnti Lock Haven Unattached
285 Michael Doherty Old Dominion Unattached
285 Mike Kosoy NC State Unattached
285 Newton Smerchek Central Michigan Unattached
285 PJ Shuler Appalachian State Attached
285 Romaine Waite Penn Not Rostered
285 Sean Twigg Maryland Unattached
285 Yousuf Malik VMI Unattached



 2013 National Collegiate Open Registration

Fan input: Seed the 2013 University Division HERE


Weight First Last School Division Status
125 Brian Bokoski North Carolina University Attached
125 Cristian Brienza American University Attached
125 Steven Cox The Citadel University Attached
125 Kevin Devoy Drexel University Unattached
125 Ryak Finch Iowa State University Attached
125 Jared Germaine Eastern Michigan University Attached
125 David Jeffrey Lehigh University Unattached
125 Cory Keener Central Michigan University Attached
125 Cody Kievman Lehigh University Attached
125 Will Mason Virginia University Unattached
125 Sean McCabe Rutgers University Unattached
125 Ty Mitch Ohio University Unattached
125 Nicholas O'Donnell Bloomsburg University Unattached
125 Paul O'Neill Maryland University Attached
125 Mike Parise Maryland University Unattached
125 Jake Reinemund North Carolina University Attached
125 Logan Ritchie George Mason University Unattached
125 Chris Rodriguez George Mason University Unattached
125 Jan Rosenberg Rutgers University Unattached
125 Ty Snook Maryland University Attached
125 John Sparks NC State University Unattached
125 Drew Templeman Wyoming University Unattached
125 Del Vinas Kent State University Attached
125 Alex White Gardner-Webb University Unattached
125 Jordan Wigger The Citadel University Unattached
125 Zach S.  Young The Citadel University Unattached
133 Mason Beckman Lehigh University Unattached
133 Jared Browning West Virginia University Unattached
133 Matt Bryer Lock Haven University Unattached
133 Chas Busz Cleveland State University Attached
133 Jake Byers Eastern Michigan University Attached
133 Filberto Colon Eastern Michigan University Attached
133 Johnni DiJulius Ohio State University Unattached
133 Franco Ferraina Drexel University Unattached
133 Brandon Goodwyn VMI University Attached
133 Joey Gosinski Hofstra University Unattached
133 Alfredo Gray Kent State University Attached
133 Mark Grey Finger Lakes WC University Not Rostered
133 Jimmy Gulibon Penn State University Unattached
133 Mikey Hayes Old Dominion University Unattached
133 Mitchel Hrnyak Central Michigan University Attached
133 Patrick Hutton NC State University Unattached
133 Andy Lyman Bloomsburg University Unattached
133 Shelton Mack Pittsburgh University Attached
133 Ryan Mango Stanford University Unattached
133 Luke Mario North Carolina University Unattached
133 Joseph Martinez Virginia University Unattached
133 John Meeks Iowa State University Attached
133 Jenkins Monzey Maryland University Attached
133 Andrew Nie Appalachian State University Unattached
133 David Pearce Drexel University Unattached
133 John Pezze Clarion University Attached
133 Vinny Pizzuto Eastern Michigan University Attached
133 Jalen Ramos Rutgers University Unattached
133 Zane Richards Illinois University Unattached
133 Buddy Scarborough Old Dominion University Attached
133 Danny Suite West Virginia University Unattached
133 Gage Swartz West Virginia University Unattached
133 Nikolas Weiser George Mason University Unattached
133 Matthew Williams North Carolina University Unattached
133 Elliot Zackoski Bloomsburg University Unattached
133 Tyler Ziegler Gardner-Webb University Unattached
141 Shane Arechiga Maryland University Attached
141 Eli Beinstock Finger Lakes WC University Not Rostered
141 Zack Beitz Penn State University Unattached
141 Shyheim Brown Maryland University Unattached
141 Jim Carucci Lehigh University Attached
141 RJ De George Maryland University Unattached
141 Matt Dorf American University Attached
141 Danny Gaylord Bloomsburg University Unattached
141 Luke Goettl Iowa State University Attached
141 Derek Goodwin Bloomsburg University Unattached
141 Michael Gowen Virginia Tech University Attached
141 Sam Hanau Central Michigan University Attached
141 Collin Harrell Kent State University Unattached
141 Zach Horan Central Michigan University Attached
141 Jamel Hudson Hofstra University Unattached
141 Ryan Hunsberger George Mason University Unattached
141 William James South Dakota State University Unattached
141 Emmitt Kelly VMI University Attached
141 Dan King Cleveland State University Attached
141 Nicholas Kiter The Citadel University Unattached
141 Luke Ludke George Mason University Unattached
141 Nicholas Maselli Princeton University Unattached
141 Ben Matthiesen Central Michigan University Attached
141 Josh Miller Navy University Not Rostered
141 Joe Moon North Carolina University Unattached
141 Acton Pifer Appalachian State University Unattached
141 Ryan Rosley Gardner-Webb University Unattached
141 Cody Ross North Carolina University Unattached
141 Travis Shaffer Pittsburgh University Attached
141 Angelo Silvestro Finger Lakes WC University Not Rostered
141 Tyler Small Kent State University Unattached
141 Tyler Small Kent State University Unattached
141 Jake Smith Appalachian State University Unattached
141 Will Switzer Lehigh University Unattached
141 Mike Waters Penn State University Attached
141 Austin Woods Chattanooga University Attached
149 Mickey Bennett West Virginia University Unattached
149 Jahlani Callender Hofstra University Unattached
149 Matthew Cimato Drexel University Unattached
149 Josh Clark Old Dominion University Attached
149 Derrick Evanovich Maryland University Unattached
149 John Fahy Illinois University Unattached
149 Luke Frey Penn State University Attached
149 Walker Fulk NC State University Unattached
149 Ronnie Garbinsky Pittsburgh University Attached
149 Justin Gniesser West Virginia University Unattached
149 Derek Golner North Carolina University Attached
149 Cory Goshkangrian Hofstra University Unattached
149 Nick Heilmann North Carolina University Attached
149 Robert Henderson North Carolina University Attached
149 Blake Kastl Cal Poly University Unattached
149 Joey Kielbasa Central Michigan University Unattached
149 Jacob Kingett Old Dominion University Unattached
149 Gave LeVey NC State University Unattached
149 Nicholas Maccini Drexel University Unattached
149 Max Mayfield Iowa State University Attached
149 Mitch Minotti Lehigh University Unattached
149 Cole Moseley American University Unattached
149 Brad Mutchnik American University Unattached
149 David Owens Penn State University Attached
149 Tom Page American University Unattached
149 Walter Pope Navy University Not Rostered
149 Jared Porter Central Michigan University Attached
149 Austin Sams Chattanooga University Attached
149 Brian Sergi Appalachian State University Unattached
149 Matt Spartaro Hofstra University Unattached
149 Aaron Walker The Citadel University Unattached
149 Roger Wildmo Michigan State University Unattached
157 Kyle Ashe Gardner-Webb University Unattached
157 Elias Biddle Lock Haven University Unattached
157 Zack Brunson Illinois University Unattached
157 Bryce Busler Bloomsburg University Unattached
157 Mikey Caputo Hofstra University Unattached
157 Dakota Cooley Central Michigan University Attached
157 Cody Copeland Lock Haven University Unattached
157 Jake Crawford North Carolina University Attached
157 Terrance Demery II West Virginia University Unattached
157 Josh Ellis Princeton University Unattached
157 T.J. Fox Ohio University Unattached
157 Jason Fugiel Drexel University Unattached
157 Peter Galli Stanford University Unattached
157 Dillon Gavlock Lock Haven University Unattached
157 Ryan Harrington North Carolina University Unattached
157 Seth Hazleton Princeton University Unattached
157 Josh Kreimier Air Force Academy University Attached
157 Jay Lysne Hofstra University Unattached
157 Cristian Masaya American University Attached
157 Brady Massaro Maryland University Attached
157 Sal Mastriani Virginia Tech University Attached
157 Ian Miller Kent State University Unattached
157 Danny O'Malley Maryland University Unattached
157 Anthony Perrotti Rutgers University Unattached
157 Troy Reaghard Pittsburgh University Attached
157 Alex Rice N/A University Unattached
157 M.J. Robertson Virginia University Unattached
157 Taylor Simaz Finger Lakes WC University Not Rostered
157 Mikey Simmons Rutgers University Unattached
157 Chance Smith West Virginia Tech University Unattached
157 Parker Smith Chattanooga University Attached
157 Chad Strube Virginia Tech University Attached
157 Shohei Takagi George Mason University Unattached
157 Donnie Tasser Pittsburgh University Attached
157 Anthony Volpe Rutgers University Unattached
165 Frank Affronti Hofstra University Unattached
165 David Bergida Virginia Tech University Attached
165 Tyler Buckwalter Kent State University Attached
165 Dustin Dwyer George Mason University Unattached
165 Joseph Evans Gardner-Webb University Attached
165 Ryan Forrest George Mason University Unattached
165 Ryan Fox NC State University Unattached
165 Kevin Hartnett Bloomsburg University Unattached
165 RJ Hicks The Citadel University Attached
165 Charles Johnson The Citadel University Unattached
165 Matthew Kowalski Gardner-Webb University Unattached
165 Nick LoBue Maryland University Unattached
165 Michael Logan VMI University Attached
165 Rex Lutz Penn State University Attached
165 Chris Moon Virginia Tech University Attached
165 Jackson Morse Illinois University Unattached
165 Rodin Ndandula Old Dominion