National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship


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2012 National Collegiate Open Official Weights 

First Last School Attached? Official Weight
Chris Brienza American Yes 124.8
David Terao American No 125
Matt Dorf American Yes 140.6
Tanner Shaffer American Yes 164.4
Sean McCarty American Yes 165
Blake Herrin American Yes 252.2
Joe Morrison Appalachian State No 132.2
Chris Johnson Appalachian State Yes 132.6
Riley Keen Appalachian State Yes 141
Russ Benner Appalachian State Yes 149
Zack Strickland Appalachian State No 164.2
Colin Hedash Appalachian State No 172.8
Jake Johnson Appalachian State No 173.4
Jesse Johnson Appalachian State No 179.4
Casey Hedash Bloomsburg No 184
Austin Fallon Bucknell No 195.8
Drew Meulman Cal Poly No 196.2
Tony Donati Campbell No 140.4
Darien Peele Campbell No 154.6
Michael Carlone Cleveland State No 132.8
Mike Mencini Cleveland State Yes 148.8
Mike Monson Cleveland State No 164
Koort Leyrer Cleveland State Yes 172.4
Xavier Dye Cleveland State No 173.4
Bobby Blankenship Cleveland State Yes 183.4
Nathan Silvus Cleveland State No 196.2
Bricker Dixon Cornell Yes 125
Joe Stanzione Cornell Yes 140.8
Nik Pena Cornell No 141
Stryker Lane Cornell Yes 243.2
Garth Mahosky Drexel No 141.8
Marcus Cain Duke No 148.4
Andrew DeHart Duke No 157
Trey Adamson Duke No 173
Dylan Ryan Duke No 183.5
Conner Hartmann Duke No 195.8
Chris Rodriguez George Mason No 124.7
Ryan Hunsberger George Mason No 140.6
Shohei Takagi George Mason No 156.4
Kenton Perez George Mason No 164
Dustin Dwyer George Mason No 164.6
Derek Dwyer George Mason No 183.9
Danny Mannly Hofstra No 148.6
George Palyok Hofstra No 156.8
Nick Terdick Hofstra No 164
David Heitman Hofstra No 164.4
Zeal McGrew Hofstra No 229.1
Steven Rodrigues Illinois No 140.6
Jake Gingerich Illinois No 157
Christopher Lopez Illinois No 250.4
Phil Fisher Indiana No 140.6
Josh Smith Indiana Yes 157
Garrett Goldman Indiana No 195.8
James Carucci Lehigh No 140.8
Eric Hess Lehigh No 164
Kevin Bailey Lehigh Yes 173.4
John Bolich Lehigh No 183.5
Jack Delia Lehigh No 242.8
Josh Polacek Maryland No 124.6
Paul O'Neill Maryland No 125
Shane Arechiga Maryland Yes 133
Lou Mascola Maryland Yes 140.6
TJ Guidice Maryland No 156.6
Nick Lobue Maryland Yes 156.8
Sean O'Malley Maryland No 157
Kyle Dehaut Maryland Yes 162
Josh Snook Maryland No 164.8
Conor Wetzel Maryland No 194
Roger Wildmo Michigan State No 148.4
Thane Antczak Minnesota Yes 132.4
Seth Lange Minnesota Yes 140.6
Matt Mincey Minnesota Yes 149
Alec Ortiz Minnesota Yes 156.4
Joel Bauman Minnesota Yes 183.4
Scott Schiller Minnesota Yes 196
Gabe LaVey NC State No 140.4
Michael Avelar NC State No 140.6
Logan Byman NC State Yes 140.8
Thomas Gantt NC State Yes 148.8
Mardel Gabriel NC State No 156.6
Joey Gaccione NC State No 157
Steven Ramos NC State Yes 164.4
Nick Watson NC State No 184
John Hyzak NC State No 196.8
Cameron Throckmorton North Carolina No 132.4
Troy Silver North Carolina No 148.4
Christian Barber North Carolina No 148.8
Derek Golner North Carolina No 149
John Michael Staudenmayer North Carolina No 164.4
Andre Petroski North Carolina No 173.8
Andrew Barksdale North Carolina No 182.5
Tyler Heminger Ohio No 132.8
Marshal Willet Ohio No 163.6
Phil Wellington Ohio No 183.6
Keith Johnson Ohio No 183.8
Kyle O'Donnell Ohio No 196.6
Rob Deutsch Old Dominion No 124.6
Buddy Scarborough Old Dominion No 125
Chris Mecate Old Dominion No 140.4
Michael Crowley Old Dominion Yes 140.6
Taylor Moeder Old Dominion Yes 141
Jacob Kingett Old Dominion Yes 148.4
Pete Baldwin Old Dominion No 149
Cade Blair Old Dominion Yes 164.6
Marcus Johnson Old Dominion Yes 173.4
Austin Coburn Old Dominion No 183.6
Jake Henderson Old Dominion No 196.6
Danny Davis Old Dominion No 273.3
Dirk Cowburn Penn State Yes 164.4
Matt Brown Penn State Yes 173.8
Andrew Church Penn State Yes 174
Jon Gingrich Penn State Yes 250.2
Joshua Ellis Princeton Yes 148
Kyle Roddy Princeton Yes 156.6
Grayson Shepperd Princeton Yes 174
Luke Schroeder Purdue No 123.3
Matt Fields Purdue Yes 132.4
Danny Sabatello Purdue No 132.8
Rusty Maness Purdue No 140.4
Nick Lawrence Purdue Yes 140.8
Jake Fleckenstein Purdue Yes 141
Frankie Porras Purdue No 148.6
Dustin Schultz Purdue No 154.8
Doug Welch Purdue No 156
Pat Robinson Purdue Yes 156.4
Chad Welch Purdue No 163.4
Andy Hoselton Purdue No 164.6
Andy Wiseman Purdue Yes 173.4
Preston Quam Purdue No 196.4
Alex White Purdue Yes 279.8
Justis Flamio Rutgers No 132.8
Trevor Melde Rutgers No 141
Michael Wagner Rutgers No 195.4
William Smith Rutgers No 248.1
Steven Cox The Citadel Yes 124.9
Undrakbayar Khishignyam The Citadel No 140.6
Kenneth Radford The Citadel No 165
Zack Bennett The Citadel No 173.4
Marshall Haas The Citadel No 182.6
Jack Duane The Citadel Yes 182.7
Jared Hemmings The Citadel No 183.9
David White Unattached No 125
Reggie Allen UNC-Pembroke No 155.8
Branch Walker UNC-Pembroke No 196.4
Efrain Aguilar Unrostered No 125
Danny Ries Unrostered No 140.8
Joe South Unrostered No 162.4
Kevin Corbett Unrostered No 164.4
Zeke Gammill Unrostered No 164.4
Rashaad Saunders Unrostered No 164.4
Hadley Harrison Unrostered No 165
Steve Fittery Unrostered No 165.4
Benjamin Struchko Unrostered No 181.2
Matrtelles Jones Unrostered No 182.9
Zathy Ndiang Unrostered No 183.7
John Hamlet Unrostered No 195.4
Jake Phillips Unrostered No 229.5
Jory Hamilton Unrostered No 263.3
Chandler Turpin Unrostered No 269.3
Matt Peters Virginia Tech Yes 124.9
Jarrod Garnett Virginia Tech No 132.6
Jordan O'Donnell Virginia Tech No 132.8
Lex Ozias Virginia Tech No 149
Matt Stephens Virginia Tech Yes 156.6
Chadd Strube Virginia Tech No 156.8
Issah Meade Virginia Tech No 164.8
Austin Gabel Virginia Tech No 173.4
Darren Hankins Virginia Tech Yes 195.6
Danny Garwood Virginia Tech Yes 236.3
Bobby Levelle Virginia Tech No 244.7
Hardy Hendren VMI No 164.2
Van Grimes VMI No 164.6
Michael LaPrade VMI No 236.5
Juan Adamson VMI No 277
Jesse Schiffbauer West Virginia No 133
Mickey Bennett West Virginia No 149
Roman Perryman West Virginia No 156.8
Ross Renzi West Virginia No 164.6
Mark Colabucci West Virginia No 174

Note: This is the official record.  Team affiliation on the bracket does not indicate that an athlete is competing attached to their school.