National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship


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Statement from the National Collegiate Open





To the National Collegiate Open Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Sponsors, and Fans.

Sunday we experienced a very dissatisfying result for the 2015 National Collegiate Open following Fairfax County Virginia's decision to stop all activities at county facilities during a weather emergency. After repeated phone calls and conversations with Fairfax County administrators seeking to receive a waiver to be able to finish the event it became clear we were not going to be given the opportunity to finish the competition. The county ultimately sent a representative to the facility to make sure we closed down the competition.

To the athletes, we are very sorry for this unfortunate turn of events. We realize how hard you work and that your sights were set on winning your National Title this year. We know that many of you will be preparing to compete in the NCAA championships at your respective level next season. We wish you the best in your journey to achieve your goals. Any athlete who was prepared to compete but did not receive a match due to the early stoppage will be refunded their registration fee. Additionally, any athletes from this event who returns next year, will be offered registration to the 2016 National Collegiate Open at half price.

To the coaches, we want to thank you for supporting the National Collegiate Open and let you know how much we appreciate you allowing your athletes to compete with us. As many of you know, we work extremely hard to ensure that your athletes are given this opportunity to finish their season with a championship event.

To the parents. We have heard from many of you. We realize that many of you under take these tournaments at your own expense. Please accept our deepest apologies.

To our sponsors X-Athletic, Knight Point Systems, Flowrestling, Tiffin Mat Company, WCDC, Hustle&Muscle mat club, VAWA. Thank you for your support and many kind words during this tough time. We value your relationship and want you to know how much we appreciate your continued support.

To the wrestling fans. We apologize for not being able to give you the full action that we knew this event was going to bring. Flowrestling having all 9 mats covered, with the action and the depth of talent in this years event, was on pace to show some of the most anticipated matches ever at the National Collegiate Open.

Thank you to those who have supported us and have already reached out since the event. We appreciate your support and hope we will see you in 2016.

National Collegiate Open Staff and Support.